Case Study

Transforming Non-Profit Insurance Support


Transforming Non-Profit Insurance Support

In one of our recent case studies, we analyze how iLearningEngines helped a leading Non-Profit Specialty Line insurance provider support over 1,000 youth-serving non-profit organizations in the US to improve proactive loss prevention engagement and training resources without increasing internal workloads.

Some of the challenges faced were administrative heavy processes for internal staff, limited insights into client engagement, and little flexibility for end user administrators which hindered client uptake.

iLE rolled out a 250+ course, online training library as a free solution to any insured non-profit organization that would like to take advantage. This allowed the loss control team to deliver proactive training and best practices to help policyholders identify and mitigate risk. For the policyholders, the training platform could be set up to mirror their organizational structure and allowed for maximum administrative flexibility while also acting as a centralized digital repository for new and historical training records that aggregate up to the carrier to support underwriting favorability and profitability.

Within a year we were able to see:
• Internal administrative processes automated
• 250+ Organizations, 32k+ Users, 154k Trainings Assigned added with an average NPS of 8.9
• 25% reduction in manual administrative efforts for end users
• Lost operation time on risk issues was reduced by 60%
• iLE’s AI-powered platform helped empower the client to create centers of excellence and industry benchmarks