AI-driven Learning
Automation & Information
Intelligence platform

Driving mission-critical business and learning outcomes at scale.
3 Million Users. 100k + R & D Hours. Proprietary AI Platform.

Empowering Multiple Industry Verticals


Imagine a smart patient education platform for your Healthcare business. One that transforms patient experience, improving health outcomes. Delivering subject matter expertise, at scale, to drive patient engagement. Assisting teams with AI nudge learning that enables access to the right information at the right time.


A seamless e-learning automation platform for your Educational institution. Creating personalized learning pathways & enabling new revenue generation services. With AI-assisted knowledge assets to facilitate after-school tutoring, provide automated evaluations & power better student-teacher engagement.


Best-in-class AI automation solutions to empower your Insurance company. Unlocking actionable insights & outcomes across your enterprise. Reducing risks for Insurance providers through predictive analysis. Helping limit underwriter losses & delivering learning automation. To help your enterprise win and retain new business.

Oil & Gas

An energized learning automation platform for your Oil & Gas corporation. With customized HSE training to enable integrated & sustainable business models. Appending existing skills via digital instruction. Reducing risks on oil rigs and paving the path to highly scalable operations & boosted agility.


Discover bespoke intelligent automation that delivers enhanced customer experiences for your Retail business. Optimizing product delivery with training modules using predictive analysis. And AI tools to energize your supply chain with innovative business models. Reducing employee attrition and achieving profitable growth.

Intelligence for the
Limitless Enterprise

Intelligence is the foundation of every Enterprise.

The challenge for most Enterprises, however, is to unlock this intelligence. iLearningEngines transforms enterprise content into meaningful intelligence and insights.

With our AI-powered Learning Automation and Information Intelligence platform, we drive mission-critical business and learning outcomes at scale. This is how we power enterprise ambitions to make every enterprise limitless.

The four pillars of our Enterprise impact

iLearningEngines’ platform is powered by 100,000+ hours of R&D and 40+ proprietary algorithms. The result: over three million users and counting. At the heart of iLE’s excellence is what we term as the Four Pillars of our Enterprise Impact.

Knowledge Cloud

A single and centralized repository for all Enterprise IP. From enabled contextualized search to content recommendations, from chatbot readiness to in-process training and more, the iLE AI Knowledge Cloud delivers immediate impact.

No Code AI Canvas

Enterprise subject experts can use our No-Code AI Canvas to design custom workflows. This addresses Enterprise-specific gaps, drives custom process automation and personalized learning prescriptions, via available messaging channels.

Learning Automation

Drive personalized learning in the flow of work and apply competencies to performance gaps with in-process, real-time learning prescriptions embedded into organizational workflows.

Information Intelligence

Transform data into intelligence by drilling down to actionable insights and by powering informed decisions – through our AI embedded at multiple touch points across customer journeys.


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For us, a Partnership is a Relationship

iLearningEngines has a strong Partner Program because we believe in fostering solid relationships. That is why our commitment to business empowerment includes partnering with Resellers, Integrators, Content Creators, Consultants and more. Our relationships with these companies have helped extend the reach of our technologies globally.