Driving intelligent outcomes at scale

AI-Powered Learning

An AI driven learning experience platform that unlocks seamless blended learning, automatic assessments, and powerful content creation capabilities for educational institutes.

Core Capabilities

E-Learning Platform

A comprehensive e-learning platform that integrates with school systems to transform student performance and teacher engagement, and amplifies educational outcomes.

AI Assistants

iLE’s intelligent edutech solutions with powerful cognitive AI capabilities provide 24/7 virtual assistance to students and teachers.


A blended model for online and distance e-learning offers the same experience quality and impact as face-to-face teaching.


A Teacher Assist that automates assessment creation, grading and reporting, freeing up educators for student interaction.

Industry Challenges

  • Teachers spend significant time in research and preparation of content from multiple sources. These are not stored centrally, resulting in duplication of effort.

  • Student performance is dependent on their ability to match the teacher’s pace, with minimal time to ask follow-up questions. Often, this results in seeking external help from tutors.

  • New online content is straining school IT systems, with no centralized platform to store and disseminate rich content.

  • Knowledge is not managed as a school asset and attrition of teachers leads to gaps in student learning.

  • Students are given generic tests based on legacy question banks. The tests are assessed manually by teachers with differing standards.

  • Mass teaching with limited resources to give students personalized feedback and address individual knowledge gaps. Parents have limited visibility to determine if their child has understood the content. 

The iLE Advantages

iLE Enabled Teachers

AI/ML Aided Automation Of Repetitive Tasks


Helps amplify teacher value by automating test generation, grading and reporting – allowing educators more time with their students

AI Powered Question Bank Creation


iLE AI can auto-generate questions from any content to significantly enhance teacher productivity

AI Powered Dashboards

manager-industrial-engineer-using-tablet-check-control-automation-robot-arms-machine2x (1)

Dashboards highlight leaning gaps and provide educators with insights on study patterns and interaction with learning content.

Collaborate and Co-create


Teachers can collaborate and co-create content on a single platform across the school ecosystem and other social platforms. This avoids duplication of work and creates a knowledge repository for schools. 

iLE Enabled Students

24/7 Expert Assistance


Students can access expert advice and digital libraries 24/7 using iLE’s AI Student Assistant..

Personalized Learning Pathways


The iLE platform provides personalized learning pathways where students can learn at their own pace

Credit Based System


The platform is based on a credit system to motivate student engagement and optimize studying habits..


Human-Like Conversations


Students can interact with AI bots in a normal conversation. iLE AI continuously learns with each interaction to create seamless user experiences.

iLE Enabled Content



The iLE platform easily integrates with existing internal and external content repositories.

Content Agnostic

manager-industrial-engineer-using-tablet-check-control-automation-robot-arms-machine2x (1)

The platform is content-agnostic and data can be processed in any format – text, imagery, audio or video.

AI Driven Content Recommendation


The AI knowledge shelf recommends content based on past interactions, saving research time while delivering relevant information.


Knowledge IP


All content is created and managed on a single platform, becoming part of the school’s intellectual property and knowledge library.


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