Learning Automation

Learning Automation
for a resilient and
agile workforce.

iLE builds an automated learning ecosystem with an
in-built performance monitoring framework.


Create a digital-agile workforce with iLE’s autonomous learning platform

ai tools for business - Content Ingestion and Augmentation

Content Ingestion and Augmentation

iLE’s Learning Automation ecosystem first provides for a powerful and versatile AI engine for aggregating all Enterprise content into a Knowledge Cloud. Smart AI then tags and organizes relevant content to enrich training courses. Further, AI-generated quizzes and questions help augment your content and improve retention.

ai tools for business -  iLE’s No Code AI Canva

Content Curation and Personalized Learner Journeys

iLE’s No Code AI Canvas allows subject matter experts to curate content to drive Enterprise-specific outcomes. SMEs can use event triggers to architect powerful and personalized learning prescriptions. These plug competency to performance gaps, even as the workforce is engaged within the workflow. SMEs can also leverage our curated Knowledge Shelves – contextualized, high-quality content from digital libraries and third-party content repositories.

ai workflow automation - Tracking Engagement and Driving Outcomes

Tracking Engagement and
Driving Outcomes

iLE’s agile and responsive AI can be embedded at multiple touch points in the user journey. This helps keep accurate track of the overall KPI progress of every user and provides intelligent insights to improve content and mission-based outcomes.

Why choose iLE’s Learning Automation?

Through automated learning, we empower your workforce with fearless ambition, optimized processes and offer endless possibilities

Augment & Curate Content

Smart AI-tagging that organizes relevant content to enrich enterprise knowledge. With AI-generated quizzes and questions that augment your content and improve retention.

Blended Learning

A powerful combination of e-Learning with Instructor-led Online Training. Seamlessly executed via live web conferencing or in an offline mode.

Co-Create Courses

Design and implement custom-made courses. Combine your organization’s libraries with rich external sources – driven by our AI recommendations.

Content Ingestion

A powerful and versatile AI engine that can flexibly ingest multimedia content – documents, audio and video – whilst understanding the context and applicability of each.

Dashboards and Reports

A complete repository of detailed reports. Ideal for learners, trainers, managers and L&D leaders helping put all your teams in control.

External System Integration

Versatile APIs on iLE’s platform that seamlessly combine with leading Enterprise and academic management systems, communications platforms and content providers.

Knowledge Shelves

AI-based Knowledge Shelves that augment learning by delivering contextualized, high-quality content from digital libraries and third-party content repositories.


Configurable notifications that easily track content assignments and tests.

Training in the flow of work

Training delivered on the job and in the flow of work, to create shared team experiences that allow unlocking of social learning.

Personalized Pathways

The ability to curate individualized learning journeys with a high degree of optimization, using advanced AI models that deliver in real-time.

Tests and Assessments

Flexible AI-driven tests with multiple question types, leading seamlessly to AI-led scoring assessments and drill-down reports.

Insights. Learning. Experiences.

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