Information Intelligence

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iLearningEngines empowers your Enterprise with Information Intelligence making it limitless.

Eliminate performance gaps with intelligent, agile solutions

Enterprise insights, events and user signatures help optimize processes and drive predictive decision-making, Transform your organization’s bottom-line by plugging competency to performance gaps, enhancing your customer experience.
ai learning and process automation.

Closing gaps with Learning and Process Automation

iLE gives you the ability to integrate with core Enterprise systems, which is the starting point to address Enterprise-specific gaps. Our No-Code AI Canvas Workflow Designer empowers Enterprise SMEs to design custom workflows that bridge gaps with learning and process automation.

ai for business -Transforming Data to Knowledge

Transforming Data to Knowledge

iLE’s AI Assistants are embedded at multiple touch points in the user journey. Based on the workflows designed to address specific Enterprise gaps, these pick up rich insights from finance, compliance, risk, training and more to transform all this data into actionable knowledge.


ai learning platform -Knowledge to Intelligence

Knowledge to Intelligence

iLE now uses our AI analysis to convert the knowledge gained into intelligence, which is easily accessible through our custom reports and dashboards and highlights all areas of impact. This drives risk profiling and predictive and preventive decisions based on real-time data insights.


Offering you Information Intelligence like no other

No Code AI Canvas

iLE’s No Code AI Canvas allows for designing workflows to address specific Enterprise-specific gaps. Without the need to write a single bit of custom code.

AI Expert Assist

Our intelligent assistants understand both structured and unstructured data. This assists users in their learning journey by continuously enhancing and personalizing the experience, by accessing patterns.

Enterprise Integration

The iLE Platform is compatible with existing Enterprise systems and can easily connect with both internal and external sources.

AI Insights

Our proprietary algorithms and pre-trained models allow for Enterprise-ready AI that can transform data into useful insights that help accelerate business growth.

Functional AI Engines

iLE’s AI Engines across business functions pick up insights and identify learning and process gaps, which are plugged by our conversational AI. The insights picked up also drive corrective and preventative action.

Insights. Learning. Experiences.

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