Customizing customer experiences. Crafting Retail success.

iLearningEngines brings multiple solution frameworks for Retailers and Distributors.

Driving enhanced experiences and processes across Retail

iLearningEngines has an AI-enriched Learning and Information Intelligence platform that personalizes customer experiences, optimizes retail engagement and boosts engagement and morale across employees.

Customer Service

• iLE virtual assistants provide intelligent guidance to customers, helping them make more effective purchasing decisions.

• iLE offers customers a unified experience by personalizing their shopping experience via chatbots and multichannel shopping.

• iLE helps customers find products through intelligent search options, increasing satisfaction and reducing information overload and time wasted in browsing.

• iLE’s AI automates repetitive sales activities, segments customers dynamically and supports customized offerings.

• Customer assistance is available in multiple languages.


• AI technologies enhance employee/store associate engagement automating labor-intensive tasks.

• In-store employees are empowered with the right contextual information to offer customers value-added deals.

• User signature patterns and predictive analytics help drive early warning systems, informing predictive decision making.

• The platform can scale to handle multiple customer interactions and enable effective prioritization of urgent queries, especially during busy store hours.

• Repetitive processes such as product returns and exchanges can be automated, to allow teams to focus on high-value tasks.

Onboarding and Training

• iLE’s Learning Automation platform makes new employee onboarding seamless.

• It reduces the employee attrition rate and the need for repeated training.

• Training can be delivered across multiple formats and channels.

• The platform reskills existing teams, imparting the technological skills needed for modern retail and e-Commerce.

• Employees can access training 24/7/365 across any device, helping them learn at their own pace.

• iLE delivers continuous and contextual training in flow of work, to create measurable job performance improvements.

iLE’s impact across the Retail industry


profit increase by adopting smart personalization engines


cost savings by reducing employee churn and by reskilling teams

Our core capabilities

Learning Automation

Drive personalized learning in the flow of work and plug competency to performance gaps with in-process, real-time learning prescriptions embedded into organizational workflows.

Information Intelligence

Transform data into intelligence by drilling down to actionable insights and by powering informed decisions – through our AI embedded at multiple touch points across customer journeys.

Unlock your competitive advantage with iLE

For us, a Partnership is a Relationship

iLearningEngines has a strong Partner Program because we believe in fostering solid relationships. That is why our commitment to business empowerment includes partnering with Resellers, Integrators, Content Creators, Consultants and more. Our relationships with these companies have helped extend the reach of our technologies globally.