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Reducing risks for
Oil & Gas businesses. Enabling sustainable practices for all.

iLearningEngines powers an innovative digital ecosystem for the Energy industry.

Driving safe and sustainable solutions in the Oil & Gas industry

iLearningEngines creates a digital infrastructure that keeps Health, Safety and the Environment as top priorities for oil and gas companies, even while improving learning, engagement and compliance as well as streamlining operational efficiencies.

Curated Enterprise Oil & Gas Training

iLE’s AI platform helps SMEs aggregate and curate content from internal libraries and publicly available sources. This allows for a more comprehensive and impactful HSE Training module creation.

Offline Mode for Remote Oil Rigs with no Connectivity

iLE’s AI works even in areas with compromised internet access. Trainers can synchronize to a central iLE Knowledge Cloud for training data, and then disseminate to all offline rigs.

Remote Onboarding of Employees

iLE allows you to onboard and train employees even before they join your company. You can structure your training plan based on operations and company-specific procedures. This allows you to significantly reduce operational risk and increase compliance.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

iLE’s AI/ML technology with Employee Assist guides staff, enhancing their engagement and performance. It is highly scalable across the Enterprise ecosystem – embracing employees, managers, customers and partners. It is global in scope and reach, supporting multiple languages, business units and facilities across geographies.

Employee Wellbeing

iLE’s platform implements all Health, Safety and Environment training modules. It reduces training costs and improves retention of the workforce thanks to optimal job preparedness and agility. It provides the entire workforce with easy access to information and policies, thereby improving their wellbeing.

iLE’s solid impact across the Oil & Gas industry


LTI for 3 years across the energy ecosystem


increase in the target for Eye-on-Safety cards

Helping Oil & Gas Companies across the ecosystem

Case Study

Achieving Safety Outcomes At Scale with AI Learning Automation

Our core capabilities

Learning Automation

Drive personalized learning in the flow of work and plug competency to performance gaps with in-process, real-time learning prescriptions embedded into organizational workflows.

Information Intelligence

Transform data into intelligence by drilling down to actionable insights and by powering informed decisions – through our AI embedded at multiple touch points across customer journeys.

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For us, a Partnership is a Relationship

iLearningEngines has a strong Partner Program because we believe in fostering solid relationships. That is why our commitment to business empowerment includes partnering with Resellers, Integrators, Content Creators, Consultants and more. Our relationships with these companies have helped extend the reach of our technologies globally.