Intelligent Process

An Enterprise Intelligent Platform that drives outcomes at scale for insurance companies by delivering targeted learning in the flow of work and end-to-end process automation.


Intelligent insurance
solutions with powerful
cognitive AI capabilities to
provide end-to-end
process automation.


Intelligent learning
automation monitors an
insurance company’s
processes for performance
gaps to deliver learning
prescriptions in real time.

Industry challenges

iLE helps insurance companies address key industry challenges — from underwriting and reinsurance to product marketing and claims.

  • Decrease in: Renewal, Employee Retention, Lead Conversion, Processing Accuracy

    Caused by: Inconsistent service level, overburdened employees with low morale and productivity, inefficient cost structures and pricing

  • Increase in: Claims Processing Time, Risks and Fraud, Overheads, Regulatory Compliance

    Caused by: Legacy silos with disjointed operations, disparate systems with manual processes, and duplication of work across product, geography and business lines

iLE Process Solutions

  • iLE transform the application process through event triggers and intelligent extraction of structured and unstructured data.

  • Employs machine learning to extract information from voice transcripts, emails, videos, and other sources, and then make required changes in documents and internal systems.

  • Automates other document-intensive operations including.

      • Processing of loss run reports.

      • Analysis of statement of value reports

      • Explanations of evidence of insurability to customers

  • Automated processing significantly reduces manual work to speed up claims processing by 100%.

  • Large volumes of data are rapidly processed in any format

  • Guard against fraudulent claims by comparing claims against customer profiles and history.

  • Customer experience is enhanced with immediate claim processing, protection against human error, and pay-out based on profile.

  • iLE Knowledge Shelves can trigger actions based on regulatory changes.

  • Auto-identify impact of potential compliance exposures on key stakeholders.

  • Eliminate routine manual compliance tasks that are prone to errors and possible compliance breaches.

  • Automated processes pull information directly from regulatory sites to ensure real time updates.

  • AI-based automation solutions ensure data accuracy and maintain a complete log of their actions

  • Data collection from external and internal sites.

  • Pre-population of data fields in internal systems

  • Review customer claims history and produce recommendations based on previous losses.

  • Customer experience is enhanced with immediate claim processing, protection against human error and pay-out based on profile.


iLE Functional Solutions

  • Automatic data extraction from application documents ensures fewer errors and lowers customer frustration

  • Conversational AI technologies allows faster replies to customer queries

  • iLE bots provide tracking and status updates in real time.

  • Conversational AI technologies allows faster replies to customer queries

  • Customers can be engaged on any device and through any channel for 24/7 support and improved health outcomes

  • Timely, automated and customized content and health tips improve patient engagement.

  • iLE AI creates insights to power customized products that better fit customer coverage needs.

  • Free up employees’ time to focus on meaningful activities, boosting morale and reduce turnover.

  • Seamless integration of business rules into processes ensures compliance, audit trails, and a durable framework for process analysis and improvement.

  • Maximize core insurance administration speed with integrated automation.

  • Manage risk and fraud exposure by automating application processing.

  • Securely and uniformly manage scaling during peak volumes.

  • Reduce training costs and improve retention with training in the flow of work.

  • Create a flexible and agile workforce with optimal job preparedness.

  • Provide employees with direct access to key information and company policies to improve overall motivation and well-being. Motivate employees to continuously learn and upgrade their skills through a credit-based system.

  • Price policies based on customer profiles, behavior and estimated servicing costs to boost profits.

  • Use human-level conversational AI to handle general FAQs for products, services and company information.

  • Harness omnichannel strategies to increase customer reach and conversion rates while reducing the cost of acquisition.

  • Provide customers with instant quotes.



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