Reimagining risk management

iLearningEngines delivers individualized risk prevention solutions with simplicity, speed and scale.

Driving success in the Insurance industry

iLearningEngines has a comprehensive risk management approach for the Insurance industry. This drives outcomes at scale in all key functional areas – underwriting, claims, loss control, sales and customer service. Our AI-powered innovative solutions simplify risk management processes through automation, training and best practice advice, whilst generating new capabilities, service and data assets to support insurance carriers and their strategic initiatives.

AI Process Optimization

Risk Management

Carrier, Producer & Enterprise

Key areas of impact

Streamline Operations

iLE's ai solutions for insurance company

Process Automation

We maximize employee value through AI-powered automation of manual workflows which improves top and bottom-line growth.

Employee Development

We quickly onboard, train and upskill employees across the Enterprise to drive down operating costs and support employee advancement.

Value Chain Engagement

We expand digital engagement capabilities to deliver meaningful interactions and value-chain ownership with producers and policyholders.

Improved Risk Identification

We improve safety and compliance with real-time reports and live dashboards to reduce total cost of risk, with insurance loss prevention.

Expanded Client Services

ai insurance industry solutions

Expand and leverage 
your reach

We leverage your internal expertise, resources & third-party partners to develop insurance loss prevention resources on a centralized online platform.

risk management software solutions with ai

Improve the lifetime value of your policyholders

We increase the frequency of interactions with customer-centric services designed for identifying, mitigating and managing insurance risks.

insurance industry solutions by iLE

Support acquisition and retention rates for Producers

We support your Producers with regards to their acquisition and retention initiatives with marketable services that improve operations and reduce risks.

Data-Driven Decision Making

machine learning insurance solutions by iLE

Risk Profiling

We create robust individual and programmatic risk profiles by combining exposure, claim and prevention data.

AI Analytics

We improve strategic decision making by pairing internal data, newly generated data streams and AI/ML to create dynamic, real-time reports.

Predictive Risk Management

We proactively identify adverse trends and opportunities at a granular or global level to improve risk ratings and ensure profitability.


We build benchmarks on real-time data to measure improvements over time and to maximize the efficacy – internally & externally.

How iLE has helped transform the insurance industry


Reduction of the costs with job automation


improvement in accuracy


Faster rate of service delivery


increased productivity in business

What makes iLearningEngines different?

iLearningEngines has a content agnostic platform that gives our clients the ability to build solutions, generate and share data, and engage stakeholders that is specific to their organizational structure, needs and workflow. In other words, we provide custom solutions without the burden and cost of custom technology.

Off the Shelf Solutions Legacy Technology iLearning Engines
Low Cost of Maintenance
Manageable Integration
Short implementation
Ownership of System
Ease of Functionality Enhancements
Regular System Upgrades
Custom Solutions
Responsive Support
Data Generation
Data Extraction

How we help clients across the insurance industry

Case Study

Operational inefficiencies, minimal engagement between insurers, and data overload are common pain points experienced by insurers. Our solutions helped solve these three industry-specific challenges.

Our core capabilities

Learning Automation

Drive personalized learning in the flow of work and plug competency to performance gaps with in-process, real-time learning prescriptions embedded into organizational workflows.

Information Intelligence

Transform data into intelligence by drilling down to actionable insights and by powering informed decisions – through our AI embedded at multiple touch points across customer journeys.

Unlock your competitive advantage with iLE

We also work with reseller partners to extend the reach of our technologies, and help content partners better serve their clients through customized white labelled solutions. We also work with reseller partners to extend the 
reach of our technologies.