Platform Overview

Transforming data into intelligence. Driving learning outcomes at scale.

iLE simplifies the process of Learning Automation to deliver a tangible impact for your business.

We do this through our AI-powered Learning Automation and Information Intelligence Platform. This enables enterprise transformation and reinforces your business outcomes at scale.

Enabling Intelligence

We understand that your content resides both internally and externally, and in different formats (text, HTML, video, audio). We begin with the creation of a Knowledge Cloud, with AI-driven Content Ingestion – which becomes a centralized repository of all Enterprise IP.

We then augment the Knowledge Cloud with our AI Assists. This enables immediate contextualized search, recommendations, expert queries and in-process training.

Powering Intelligence

We know your main need is to solve your business problems. Which is why we drive all your mission-critical outcomes through optimized processes and Learning Automation that propels your Enterprise engine.

Our responsive No-Code AI Canvas enables this – by designing custom workflows that address Enterprise-specific problems. All without writing a single line of custom code. Our AI can seamlessly integrate with any internal ERP or external partner platform to pick up event triggers and deliver learning prescriptions to plug performance and process gaps.


Transforming with Intelligence

We deliver Enterprise-wide transformation harnessed through our real-time Information Intelligence. Powering both predictive and preventive decision-making.

We track performance. We embed AI Assistants at multiple touch points. We pick up valuable insights via engines helping elevate your ROI. We drive growth at scale.

Key Outcomes

Learning Automation

We ensure Learning Automation across your Enterprise ecosystem and all cross-functional business units.

Enterprise Intellectual Property

We build Enterprise IP and create Knowledge Clouds by aggregating content from both internal and external repositories.

Custom Workflow Designer

Subject experts can use our No-Code AI Canvas to design custom workflows to address Enterprise specific gaps.

Optimizing Processes

We integrate with Enterprise systems, act on user and event triggers and use AI automation to optimize processes.

Key Features

No-Code AI Canvas

Our No-Code AI Canvas streamlines Enterprise integrations and delivers scale. It encompasses neural networks, configurable AI and personalized user journeys – by role or by function. This enables driving learning and business outcomes via a business Workflow Designer.

Extensive Integration

We can seamlessly integrate with several Enterprise applications (ERP/HCM/HRMS/Ticketing Systems etc), and content platforms (Internal/External Open/External Paid). These help power existing systems to drive mission-critical business outcomes at scale..

Content Augmentation

This includes our AI-powered natural language understanding. Automatic intent identification and disambiguation. And Natural Language for synthetic data, query generation and abstractive summarization. Our AI generates question recommendations to augment content, thereby making it more learnable.

Knowledge Cloud and AI Assist

We build a smart Knowledge Cloud where content can be owned and managed as an Enterprise IP. It also helps drive process optimization through AI Assistants and delivers learning prescriptions to improve process and performance gaps.

Data Sets, Engagement and Event Triggers

Our data sets train our AI model effectively through an automated process of self-learning. This model, combined with the user engagement signatures, can intelligently respond to event triggers from the Enterprise and dispense the right intelligence to solve and prevent problems in the flow of work.

Our core capabilities

Learning Automation

Drive personalized learning in the flow of work and plug competency to performance gaps with in-process, real-time learning prescriptions embedded into organizational workflows.

Information Intelligence

Transform data into intelligence by drilling down to actionable insights and by powering informed decisions – through our AI embedded at multiple touch points across customer journeys.

Unlock your competitive advantage with iLE

For us, a Partnership is a Relationship

iLearningEngines has a strong Partner Program because we believe in fostering solid relationships. That is why our commitment to business empowerment includes partnering with Resellers, Integrators, Content Creators, Consultants and more. Our relationships with these companies have helped extend the reach of our technologies globally.