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iLearningEngines’ risk management solutions and services are built around identifying, managing and mitigating risk. They are designed to offer personalized solutions to our clients at differentiated pricing. This simply means that while our offerings cover the entire insurance life cycle, our clients can select what suits them and only pay for what they need. See a service you’re interested in below? Contact us to learn more about the perfect risk management tool for you.

Identify risk

Identifying risk and identifying it early and correctly is critical for any insurance business. iLE has just the resources and technology your enterprise needs.

insurance risk management software
Enterprise Risk Technology

A risk assessment tool that aggregates data and streamlines reporting into one easy to use dashboard. Completely customizable, clients can direct areas of assessment, build color coded scoring systems and automate action plans.

HR Risk Resources

Get access to expert HR risk resources that give you checklists to assess current policies and procedures and customized model policies, procedures and handbooks. This helps develop best practices across the business enterprise with access to expert HR risk resources.

Whistle Blower Line

Get empowered with anonymous reporting mechanisms or ‘whistle blower’ outlets that help alert you to any workplace problems before any losses or litigation escalates. All this anonymously, securely and via online form or phone.

Mitigate risk

Mitigating risk, once identified, is a crucial second step in the process. iLE’s solutions help train and educate employees and customers across the Enterprise to simplify and streamline streamline risk mitigation efforts.
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LMS & Training

Train, educate and track the learning for your employees and volunteers with our robust catalogue of online training modules. Identify performance gaps and deliver learning prescriptions in real time.

Consultation Line

Provide HR and business leaders access to best practice risk management consultation with experts who provide proactive advice, best practices, and strategies for preventing and managing workplace risk.


A risk management tool to assist loss control teams to assign, track and report on their activities leading up to analytics that drive risk management efforts. This eliminates repetitive tasks from daily work.

Manage risk

Managing risk is perhaps the most important task for every insurance business. iLE assists this with a host of solutions like Displays, Reports and Profilers.

risk management software solutions by iLE
Claims Display

Analyze global and granular claim data through custom reports and dashboards that can be easily shared across departments, with agencies and with policyholders. This helps proactively identify adverse trends and focus better on risk mitigation.

Stewardship Report

From underwriting and loss control to claims and compliance, our Stewardship Report helps consolidate data from all departments into a single, all-inclusive report, complete with customized templates and schedules.

Risk Profiler

Combine risk prevention activity and assessment data with claim and exposure data to form a comprehensive risk profile, unique for each policy holder to benchmark and measure risk trends over time.

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