Aligning all partners across the entire insurance ecosystem

iLearningEngine delivers innovative risk prevention solutions to insurance providers, producers and policyholders alike.

A personalized approach.

iLE believes there should be complete alignment between the carrier, their distribution partners and consumers within the insurance ecosystem. Lower risk improves higher profitability for the carrier, increases sales for producers, and ensures lower premiums for the policy holders. Co-innovating with our clients to develop and individualize risk management approaches allows each of our clients to have a solution that is unique to their needs. The flexibility of our system to meet the various stakeholders throughout the complex structure of the insurance provider value chain helps create a completely unique ecosystem of digital services for each of our clients.


Many P&C insurance carriers often rely on legacy systems, solutions, and processes that drive up operational costs and limit flexibility and capacity to meaningfully support their distribution partners and policyholders.

The inability to provide resources to identify and prevent losses at scale, lowers acquisition and retention rates and inhibits actionable insights for data-driven decision making and underwriting profitability. iLE helps to close the gaps.


AI Risk Management

Our comprehensive AI-powered risk management solutions and services are focused on expanding the ability of P&C providers to scale their service into traditionally under-served and specialty markets.

Stakeholder Support

iLE helps creates valuable new data assets to help strategic decision making, underwriting profitability, and improve resource allocation across the insurance value-chain.

Purpose-built Solutions

We increase competitive differentiation through purpose-built solutions that reduce the frequency or severity of claims through proactive risk prevention and analysis.

Case Study

Discover how iLE helped set up a loss control platform for a Risk Pooling Administrator comprising 160 public entities and 900+ major facilities.


The insurance market is rapidly evolving with an increasing use of technology, an emerging and complex business risk landscape and rising customer expectations. More than ever, trusted advisors are needed by clients to help navigate the risks.

Unfortunately, many insurance businesses do not have the capacity or the resources to support their clients at scale, leaving money on the table with high customer churn and operating expenses. iLE has the solutions to help such challenges faced by Producers.


Client Engagement

We help you expand and deepen client engagement without increase in the workload. This is done through collaborative or self-service risk prevention solutions.

Improved Acquisition Rates & Retention

We help our producer partners improve acquisition and retention rates by establishing competitive differentiation with valuable client services to help reduce client losses and secure underwriting favorability.

Reduced Operational Costs

We help automate resource intensive tasks like risk assessment and stewardship reports, reducing operational costs and expenses.

Case Study

Understand how iLE empowered a Global Brokerage Firm's Loss Control team to organically grow their non-profit and risk pooling book of business.


Today’s business risk landscape is rapidly and drastically changing. Social inflation is high, attracting and retaining talent is challenging, operational costs are rising, risks are emerging and need better adapting to, and insurance regulatory challenges are increasing.

This is where iLE can help business leaders in the insurance ecosystem by keeping them and their enterprises always ahead of the curve.


Simplify Processes

We provide AI-powered risk management technologies that help enterprises simplify risk identification and mitigation efforts while streamlining administrative processes to avoid potential liability.

Train and Upskill Employees

We reduce the high administrative burden of onboarding, training, upskilling and retaining employees is reduced, thereby reducing costly operational processes.

Maintain Compliance

We ensure your enterprise maintains all compliance requirements, with simplified management of regulatory workplace risks and regulations.

Case Study

Read how iLE assisted a mature Non-Profit Company with 4,500 full-time and part-time staff with a single digital training platform supporting multiple training systems.

Impact Circle

iLearningEngines helps reimagine insurance by aiming to develop solutions that increase the value they deliver to each stakeholder, the more they are utilized. This creates an ongoing Impact Cycle of incentivized value for carriers, producers and policyholders.

How we help clients across the insurance industry

Risk Management

AI Process Optimization


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