Revolutionizing Healthcare. Improving patient outcomes.

iLearningEngines is at the very forefront of revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry.

Driving key outcomes in Healthcare

iLearningEngines offers an intelligent Enterprise platform that uses AI and Learning Automation to improve patient engagement, improve data-centric decisions and transform the empowerment of employees at scale.

Workforce Training

Our Integrated Learning Platform has AI Nudge Learning that drives micro-learning and training pathways across your Healthcare ecosystem.


Patient Education

Our Healthcare platform is a smart patient education platform. It improves patient health outcomes with the right information at the right time.



Our AI Assistants drive cutting-edge compliance systems, empower automated document checks, and integrate with policies & procedures.

24/7 Learning

Our Intelligent Platform supports 24/7 AI Assistants for custom learning and opportunities to empower teams and frontline workers.

iLE’s impact across the Healthcare industry


reduction of costs due to job automation


improvement in accuracy


faster rate of service delivery


Enterprise capacity overload reduction

Patient Solutions

Appointment Scheduling and Digital Consultations

Patients can opt for digital consultations and discuss their health issues from anywhere, remotely. Appointments with healthcare professionals can be done online in a hassle-free way through personalized AI-driven engines.

Patient Education and Informed Decision Making

iLE’s Healthcare Intelligent Platform allows for improved patient education through triggered appointment scheduling about their doctors, treatments, prescriptions, dosage reminders, pre and post surgery care and a lot more.

Social Learning and Support

The Platform also promotes a strong sense of loyalty and community through social learning courses designed around the Healthcare patient community. These include live webinars and updated courses based on each patient’s recovery journey.

Disease Management Programs

These are AI-powered Intelligent Disease Management Programs that empower both healthcare professionals and patients with learning programs that help manage and control any disease outbreaks.

Pre and Post Surgery care

Based on the role of the patient, our education and engagement platform provides the perfect tool to create personalized learning pathways, guiding each patient to the best care information, thereby driving better health outcomes.

Critical learning solutions through best-in-class
Learning Automation Technology

Integrated Learning Platform

These are customized and unique learning journeys done via a learning platform. They cover actual benefits and impact all touch points for your healthcare staff such as onboarding, career development and upskilling.

AI Nudge Learning

Nudge Learning empowers teams with timely knowledge in the flow of work. Teams can ask questions via an AI Assistant that delivers answers from internal & external knowledge repositories, to get essential information right when they need it.

AI Employee Assistants

With these, all your healthcare staff can benefit from an AI-enabled Employee Assistant. They are operational 24/7 and support your staff with assistance on repetitive administrative tasks, accessing patient information, regulations and medical information.

Helping clients across the Healthcare ecosystem

Case Study

Using AI-Driven Learning Automation to improve patient engagement and achieve better health outcomes

Our core capabilities

Learning Automation

Drive personalized learning in the flow of work and plug competency to performance gaps with in-process, real-time learning prescriptions embedded into organizational workflows.

Information Intelligence

Transform data into intelligence by drilling down to actionable insights and by powering informed decisions – through our AI embedded at multiple touch points across customer journeys.

Unlock your competitive advantage with iLE

For us, a Partnership is a Relationship

iLearningEngines has a strong Partner Program because we believe in fostering solid relationships. That is why our commitment to business empowerment includes partnering with Resellers, Integrators, Content Creators, Consultants and more. Our relationships with these companies have helped extend the reach of our technologies globally.