Press Release

Learn N Inspire aims to create 1000 Visionary Schools across India


Chennai, October 2022: Learn N Inspire is the Education vertical (startup) of Metamorphosis Engg & Skill Development Pvt Ltd founded by socially contributing founders and professonals from Education & Industry in 2015 and already impacted a million lives. It is powered by iLearning Engines, USA. It is on a mission of transforming 10million+ lives. 

In a short span, Learn N Inspire has developed Transformation lead education content, digital platform, coaches network, partnerships with Riverside School Ahmedabad, Munni International School Delhi and already piloting its transformative ‘I CAN VISIONARY SCHOOL’ at Hyderabad and Jaipur. 

In the last 6 months they have touched 100+ schools and currently with leads of 2000+ education institutes. It has a vision to develop and transform 1000 existing schools into Visionary Schools as its 1st milestone goal.   It has positioned as India’s first HumanE driven Holistic education Edutech company with phygital (Physical Transformation programs + Power of Global Digital content) model. The 4 pillars of I Can Visionary School are 

  •  Holistic Development, developing the child’s core being physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, mindfulness. They train and transform teachers into Visionary Teachers. 
  •  Holistic Learning, developing excellence in Academics, Enterpreneurship, Core values, 21st Century thinking skills, Technology Leadership. 
  •  Holistic Growth, developing and setup Global Education & Career Guidance centre with 3000+ university connects across 20 countries, My School Lab, Competitive exam preparation. 
  • Holistic Transformation, developing child centric ecosystem through Signature programs for School Founders, Principal, Teachers, Parents, Non Teaching staff, Aayas/Drivers & Parents. 

Founder of Learn N Inspire, Jyoti K Hatti said “Based on the Learn N Inspire platform, MESDS plans to build 1000 Visionary schools across the country which will by partnering with existing schools that wish to give their students a more holistic education and a head start to become future leaders. This will be a true step in the direction of Aatmanirbhar Bharat” 

Through their partnership they are already into several countries and with NEP implementation in India, they plan to scale, taking India’s best to the world, bringing world’s best to India. A dream of making India the Knowledge hub and human resource hub for the world, truly living the spirit of Vasudev Kutambh – world is my family and let me share India’s knowledge to the world by creating differientiation, transforming lives.(www.learnninspire.com).