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How is the iLearningEngines Platform setup in an enterprise?


Can you explain how is iLearningEngines Platform setup in an enterprise?


First, we start with the iLE Knowledge Cloud. The iLE Knowledge Cloud is created by aggregating and curating enterprise content from multiple content repositories. The AI workers are able to ingest content from various internal and external repositories and bring relevant information and learning assets using enterprise search. This becomes the institutional IP repository for driving in-process learning and contextual role based search in an organization. iLE with its no code AI canvas integrates with enterprise systems like ERP, HCM systems, backend systems and uses process automation without any custom programing.

iLE captures event triggers from enterprise systems. The iLE AI assist interprets the situational context and triggers a real time learning prescription or a risk assessment. Lastly, the iLEs Information Intelligence Platform enables enterprise with both prescriptive and predictive insights through dashboards and reports like risk profilers, compliance dashboards, etc.