How Hospitals Can Use AI to Help Care Orchestration & Patient Engagement


How Hospitals Can Use AI to Help Care Orchestration & Patient Engagement

One of the biggest challenges in healthcare today is managing the waiting lists for planned surgeries, while keeping patients engaged and improving their overall experiences. Patients often have to wait for months, if not years, for their turn, which can be stressful, not to mention detrimental to their health. This problem is not unique to a particular country or healthcare system but is, rather, a global issue that affects millions of people worldwide. In addition to the human cost of waiting lists, there is also a financial cost to the healthcare system, as delays can lead to longer hospital stays, increased readmissions, and higher costs overall.

To address this challenge, the healthcare industry needs a different approach that prioritizes patients’ needs, expectations, and experiences. One solution is AI-powered Care Orchestration technology, which leverages artificial intelligence and learning automation to coordinate care efficiently and effectively, while also providing personalized care that meets the needs of every patient.

iLearningEngines (iLE) offers an AI-powered platform that enables healthcare providers to manage their waiting lists more effectively. Their platform provides an intelligent push of the surgery schedule to the patient – via WhatsApp or other communication channel – with single or 2-factor authentication. The patient’s medical conditions and history are captured (using pre-operative survey forms or from the healthcare system using APIs). The iLE platform also provides an engagement workflow based on the patient’s condition and history, ensuring that they receive the care they need when they need it.

The benefits of AI-powered Care Orchestration technology go beyond just managing waiting lists. The iLearningEngines platform offers an intelligent solution that coordinates care efficiently and effectively, even for patients who cannot physically come to the hospital. Patients can opt for digital consultations and discuss their health issues from their remote location. Appointments with healthcare professionals can be done online in a hassle-free way through personalized AI-driven engines. This not only saves patients time and money but also allows healthcare providers to reach more patients and provide better care overall.

Moreover, the Healthcare Intelligent Platform allows for improved patient education through triggered appointment scheduling regarding doctors, treatments, prescriptions, dosage reminders, pre- and post-surgery care, and more. This ensures that patients have access to the right information at the right time, which can improve their health outcomes and reduce the burden on healthcare providers.

The platform also promotes a strong sense of loyalty and community through social learning courses centered around the healthcare patient community. This includes live webinars and updated courses based on each patient’s recovery journey. This also encourages patients to remain engaged throughout their care journey and provides them with a support system that they can rely on.

Another benefit of AI-powered Care Orchestration technology is that it can reduce administrative overhead and reinforce the licensing of every care team member, reducing the risk of burnout. By automating upstream and downstream activities, healthcare providers can focus on providing quality care to their patients without being weighed down by administrative tasks.

Indeed, AI-powered Care Orchestration technology has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry by improving patient outcomes, reducing administrative overhead, and empowering healthcare providers to deliver the best care possible to their patients.

iLearningEngines is at the forefront of this innovation, offering an intelligent enterprise platform that uses AI and learning automation to improve patient engagement, drive data-centric decision-making, and transform the empowerment of employees at scale. iLE’s solution provides personalized care that meets the needs of every patient and coordinates care efficiently and effectively. The Healthcare Intelligent Platform allows for improved patient education, appointment scheduling, dosage reminders, and pre and post-surgery care.

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