How eLearning automation can empower the teaching and learning experience


How eLearning automation can empower the teaching and learning experience

Education has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, with technology playing a significant role in reshaping the way we teach and learn. eLearning automation has revolutionized traditional teaching and learning methods – and created new possibilities for both educators and learners alike. From more efficient content delivery to the personalization of learning journeys, eLearning automation platforms like iLearningEngines (iLE) can streamline the entire learning process and give teachers more room to focus on key tasks by automating those steps that do not require focused attention.

iLearningEngines provides educational facilities with an AI-powered eLearning automation platform possessing high-level features to enable the best educational experience for both students and educators alike. iLE’s AI-driven learning automation platform empowers institutions to create educational technology solutions that will enhance learning journeys for students and improve learning outcomes for schools globally.

How iLearningEngines’ eLearning automation platform enhances learning processes

There are multiple use cases for eLearning automation, with unique benefits for both students and educators. eLearning platforms can significantly bolster educational processes for students and teachers. However, the use of multiple platforms to achieve an all-rounded eLearning experience for students and educators may spread learning material, test portals and other data too widely, overcomplicating the seamless process that online educational implementations should provide. For eLearning to integrate successfully within an institution’s curriculum, it is far easier to have a single platform that consolidates all aspects of eLearning in one place. iLE allows students and teachers to access all institutional information on one platform, making learning processes more simplified and accessible. In doing so, iLE’s platform is able to drive and unify core capabilities within education.

  • Personalized learning pathways for students

Each student is unique in their approach to learning, with varying strengths, weaknesses and approaches. iLearningEngines’ eLearning automation platform has enabled the creation of personalized learning pathways, allowing students to progress through their work at their own pace and allowing teachers to easily identify areas that require more attention to encourage improvement.

– Blended learning platforms
Our blended platform enables educators to provide the same level of quality and impact to students in a virtual setting as they would experience in an in-person setting.

– After-school tutoring
iLE’s eLearning Platform offers hybrid learning software and integrated after-school tutoring capabilities, providing a comprehensive educational experience that continues learning beyond the classroom.

– A 24/7 AI assistant for students
Through intelligent AI assistance, students are able to ask questions and receive real-time, conversational answers, enabling them to resolve problems instantaneously and with little disruption to their work.

  • Enhanced delivery of educational content

The process of content development and delivery has been significantly streamlined with eLearning automation, as teachers are able to spend less time creating learning materials and content and grading routine assignments. eLearning platforms allow educators to automate the creation of quizzes, assessments and presentations – as well as the process of grading assignments – offering faster turnaround time for student feedback. In saving time by automating these tasks, teachers are free to spend more time on hands-on engagement sessions in the classroom, offering more focused and individualized attention to their students.

– Assessments and test preparation
Through Teacher Assist, iLE automates time-consuming, routine tasks such as grading and the creation of educational material, enabling teachers to focus more intently on student interaction.

– Consolidated information with an all-encompassing Knowledge Cloud
By aggregating data and content across a school’s internal and external sources, the AI platform is able to build a Knowledge Cloud, creating a single repository of all institutional information.

– An AI Knowledge Shelf
Built onto the Knowledge Cloud is iLE’s Knowledge Shelf, which enables teachers to create and curate content through the use of keyword tags and inclusion and exclusion tags, saving valuable time that can be dedicated to other tasks.

  • Improved understanding and interaction between students and teachers

iLearningEngines gives educators the freedom to drive engagement and focus more of their attention on students. Not only can automation attend to educational tasks such as content creation and assignment grading, but it can also deal with administrative tasks, such as attendance tracking. Additionally, iLE can assist teachers with monitoring the overall performance of each student thanks to easily accessible data analytics that provide information about progress, engagement and learning trends. When equipped with such insights, educators are able to tailor their approach to the individual needs of each student and assist with their development in more impactful ways.

Transforming education models: iLearningEngines’ platform in practice, a Case Study

iLearningEngines’ eLearning automation platform enabled an institution to achieve a 23% increase in average academic scores, and several other significant improvements to processes and workflows. As a college offering multiple curricula for over 30 years, this institution unsuccessfully attempted a one-size-fits-all approach to learning processes, which resulted in broad learning gaps for students.

iLE was able to address these shortcomings through the facilitation of teacher and institution collaboration while automating several processes that allowed educators to focus more on their students. With the implementation of iLE technology, the institution was able to track and analyze personalized and differentiated learning paths for both individual and class performance, while AI assistance automated repetitive teacher tasks.

Overall, the institution saw a significant improvement across systems and outcomes, with a 23% average score increase accompanied by a 60% decrease in grading/assessment efforts and a 20% decrease in the weekly effort spent on Q&A.


As technological development advances across sectors, learning methods and systems will continue to evolve and eLearning systems will cement themselves as an integral part of the future of education. iLearningEngines’ eLearning automation platform empowers teachers and students by improving and optimizing the learning experience, delivering knowledge in the most effective, efficient and impactful ways possible.

By enabling the educator to focus on what truly matters, unimpeded by tasks that take focus away from pure educational interaction, they are able to engage with their students in a far more enriching manner. And, by providing new levels of access to educational content through blended systems, students are able to engage with their work more effectively than ever before.

iLearningEngines’ eLearning automation platform is revolutionizing the education sector by leveraging AI and automation to elevate the learning experience. With a focus on the enhancement of educational processes, iLE enables schools to prepare effectively for their future by delivering knowledge in new and better ways.

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