How AI can enhance retail processes and experiences


How AI can enhance retail processes and experiences

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to help transform the retail sector. With its ability to analyze vast amounts of data, make informed predictions and automate tasks, AI is revolutionizing the way retailers operate and interact with customers. From optimizing supply chains to personalizing shopping experiences, AI is boosting processes and enhancing customer satisfaction in the retail landscape. iLearningEngines’ AI solutions provide retailers and distributors with multiple frameworks that help elevate processes and the experiences of both customers and employees. In this piece, we will explore how iLE’s AI-driven learning and information intelligence platform can benefit organizations within the retail sector.

What is iLearningEngines’ AI-driven platform?

iLE offers organizations across industries a solution to streamline and uplevel their operations through learning automation and information intelligence. The iLE platform is designed to assist by organizing and leveraging company data and information in efficient and empowering ways that enable optimal results. Through extensive but accessible easy-to-use features, the iLE AI-powered platform can help drive your organization forward.

  • Learning Automation

iLE’s Learning Automation capabilities empower businesses to establish an intelligent and adaptable workforce by implementing an automated learning ecosystem complete with an integrated performance monitoring framework. This ecosystem serves as an AI engine for your organization, accompanied by a Knowledge Cloud that centralizes all internal information, integrating everything under a unified platform. Through the consolidation of information within a Knowledge Cloud system, employees gain access to a well-structured repository of company knowledge, facilitating more efficient information retrieval. Enhanced information systems directly correlate with heightened employee productivity. Furthermore, by empowering employees with robust organizational tools and performance insights, companies can collaborate with team members to enhance not only overall workflows but also the individual strengths of each employee.

  • Information Intelligence

iLE’s Information Intelligence capabilities elevate productivity by equipping businesses with the means to bridge performance gaps using insights and functionalities that streamline processes and facilitate decision-making. By leveraging the platform’s No-Code AI Canvas Workflow Designer, companies can create tailored workflows that support automation. Integrated within the technology are AI Assistants, which are designed to identify and generate valuable insights. These insights translate raw data into actionable information, enabling the company to take the requisite measures for enhancing outcomes.

Armed with these tools, managers can efficiently determine areas of suboptimal performance or management inefficiencies, prompting companies to delve into the specifics of performance enhancement.

Three avenues for AI-powered improvement in the retail sector

iLearningEngines offers retailers and distributors an AI-powered solution that personalizes the customer experience, boosts employee engagement and morale, and optimizes retail management systems. With the help of iLE, retailers have seen a 15% increase in profits and 30% cost savings through the reduction of employee churn and the reskilling of retail teams. Our impact and utilization can be divided into three avenues: employee onboarding and training, operations management, and customer service. Let’s unpack how iLearningEngines’ AI solution empowers retailers across each section:

  • Employee onboarding and training

iLE’s AI platform helps organizations reduce employee attrition rates as well as the need for repeated training. This Learning Automation platform is designed to make employee onboarding a seamless experience for both employees and companies, with training content able to be delivered in multiple formats and channels. 

Furthermore, the iLE platform is designed to reskill an organization’s existing teams as well, helping them to learn the technological skills needed for modern retail and the ever-changing realm of eCommerce. Your employees are also able to access their training content at any time they choose, across any device, enabling them to learn at their own pace. The iLE platform allows you to deliver training continuously and within the context of your operations, providing measurable job performance improvement across your teams.

  • Operations management

iLE also helps employees with the day-to-day management of retail operations. Our AI-powered platform empowers staff with multiple resources. Through the automation of labor-intensive tasks, such as product returns or exchanges, the AI technology utilized by the platform can help boost employee engagement and morale, freeing them up to spend time on higher-value tasks that cannot be automated. Furthermore, teams are armed with a well-organized catalog of knowledge that helps them offer customers value-added deals with accurate, contextualized information.

Furthermore, iLearningEngines’ AI-enriched platform allows organizations to create user signature patterns and utilizes predictive analytics, both of which help to drive early-warning systems that can inform predictive decision-making processes. Finally, the platform can scale extensively and handle multiple customer interactions while enabling the prioritization of urgent customer queries. During high-volume phases such as busy store hours, this ensures that your operations continue to run smoothly.

  • Customer service

In addition, the iLE platform is extremely beneficial for the management of customer service processes and interactions. Through virtual assistants, the platform is able to provide customers with intelligent, contextualized guidance that empowers them to make more effective and informed purchasing decisions. Customers can also locate products through intelligent search options, which improves the customer experience by reducing information overload and prolonged browsing.

Ultimately, the implementation of the iLearningEngines AI platform means that organizations have the potential to enhance and reshape their operational landscape. Powered by intelligent technology yielding superior information, iLE’s AI-driven platform can be retail operators’ path to success, benefiting employees and customers alike.

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