Hillsinai Learning, in Partnership with Vedhik AI Schools, Selects iLearningEngines as Its AI Learning Automation Platform

iLearningEngines is proud to be the AI Learning Automation platform underpinning the launch of Hillsinai Learning, in partnership with Vedhik eSchools.
The Hillsinai Centre of Excellence sets a new benchmark for IAS training, and Hillsinai Learning will allow the Centre of excellence to extend the reach of its quality education experience far beyond the classroom walls, with over 500,000 students having access to the platform.
The offering will include a diverse range of Vedhik AI programs powered by iLE, including psychometric assessment and counselling, career guidance and career mapping, entrance exam preparation, skill enhancement programs and much more.
Join us in embracing this new era of learning, supported by the power of the iLE AI platform.