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As businesses continue to evolve at a rapid pace, how can AI technology be used to effectively engage and retain employees?

With the rise of remote work and the need for greater agility, the workplace definitly has changed. One of the most significant issues faced by employees and organizations today is effectively engaging employees from the onboarding phase all the way to the exit interview. AI has several use cases in the HR department and is considered as an effective solution for boosting employee engagement and optimizing the recruitment, management and retention phase. The AI systems empower organizations to improve engagement for onsite and remote employees in several ways, including providing a 24/7 support, real time performance monitoring, learning and development and conflict resolution. Now, 40% of employees who don’t receive sufficient job training leave their positions within the first year, whereas organizations offering compelling learning and development programs to employees, will have a competitive edge. Here are a few ways in which AI can help drive employee engagement and create a positive experience for the employees. Using AI powered analytics or predictive analytics, organisations can develop personalized training programs and align them with different learning patterns of the employees and help improve synergy between the training program and the employee engagement. The AI enhances the employee engagement on the job in real time, through adaptable training courses. Using Chatbots: It is predicted that 85% of consumer interactions will take place without a human in the near future. So by incorporating chatbot into the L&D initiatives, organizations can leverage machine learning and natural language processing to boost the learning outcome. Using omnichannel delivery, L&D departments can deliver learning anytime, on any device, on any communication channel. The iLE platform offers comprehensive employee engagement throughout the employee lifecycle. iLE integrates with enterprise applications and helps create learning prescriptions based on system and human triggers. With our no-code A.I. canvas and workflow designer, organisations can create personalized user journeys and deliver them on any communication channel, including Microsoft Teams, Slack or any other communication systems used within the organisation. This gives employees access to information at the right time and in the flow of work. If you want to know how iLearningEngines is relevant to your industry, please reach out to us and our experts will connect with you. Thank you.