Case Study

Discover how iLE’s solutions helped overcome the common challenges in Insurance


Discover how iLE’s solutions helped overcome the common challenges in Insurance

iLearningEngines’ AI-powered learning automation and information intelligence platform drives outcomes at scale, boosting efficiency, engagement and profitability with individualized profit, data and risk management solutions.

Operational inefficiencies, minimal engagement between insurers, and data overload are common pain points experienced by insurers. Our solutions helped solve these three industry-specific challenges.

Challenge 1: Are inefficient operations stifling growth in your organization?

Legacy systems are a leading cause for operational efficiency and development. iLearningEngines can help to streamline operations across industry verticals. Our AI tools can be integrated into your existing systems, optimizing capabilities while driving scalability and growth.

We’ve helped transform enterprises by integrating AI into legacy systems for a risk pooling administration client at over 900 facilities, reducing time spent on inspections and reports by 90% and 60% respectively.

Challenge 2: Are a lack of engagement and dissatisfied policyholders impacting renewals and customer loyalty at your enterprise?

iLearningEngines’ AI Knowledge Cloud acts as a single repository of your enterprise IP. Our integrated AI assistants also work to accelerate proactive engagement throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Our AI-powered Education Solutions Suite helped drive engagement and underwriting profitability for over 32,000 users at 100,000+ training centers.

Challenge 3: Is data overload hindering insight mining and value creation at your organization?

iLearningEngines’ deep data sets and AI data aggregation provides real-time insights that drive informed decision making.

Our AI-powered solutions helped improve risk profiling and benchmarking for our pool administrator client, with a 94% self-survey completion rate.