Case Study

Achieving Safety Outcomes At Scale with AI Learning Automation

Blog; how iLE helped oil & gas industry with with AI Learning Automation



  • Extensive fleet of offshore supply vessels that service the Oil & Gas industry in the Middle East, South East Asia, Africa
  • Offers a broad scope of services ranging from Vessel Management to Cross-Chartering
  • Provides a wide range of solutions from drilling support to offshore construction


  • 0 LTI for three years

  • Increased productivity / ROI

  • Reduced risk profile of each vessel

  • 130% increased eye on safety cards target


  • One shipping accident caused loss of 8 lives and $50M+, highlighting the need for adequate risk and compliance training

  • Facing significant operational inefficiencies, accumulating work hours lost and costly loss time incidents

  • Legacy training model required crew assessments to be performed manually

  • Offline legacy mode of training and content delivery was an immediate risk to daily operations and scaling the business


  • Delivered a digital platform with capability to leverage enterprise content

  • Facilitated collaboration among departments with supported offline mode for enhanced connectivity

  • Overhauled digitization of training and SME expertise in oil rigs


  • Offline training helped crew members continue training in remote locations
  • Content augmentation helped HSE managers use existing enterprise content and enhance user learning experience

  • Online onboarding training reduced crew member risk for evolving operations and tasks

  • Certification programs implemented to motivate and reward crew members with tailored, visible career paths


We were able to improve our footprint with all oil majors with zero LTI for 3 years after implementing iLearningEngines. Training enforced safety values and crew enthusiasm – resulting in a better workplace culture and lesser incidents

Regional HSE Manager

Global Marine Company