A Proper Welcome: How Organizations Onboard New Employees Most Effectively with a Learning Automation System

iLE's employee onboarding platform for retail industry

Welcoming new employees is important in introducing new members to the team. It not only sets the tone for the work experience for this valued new employee, but this also plays an important role in developing your company culture. In this article, we’ll be unpacking the various ways a learning automation system can effectively enhance your onboarding processes and what sets the iLearningEngines platform apart.

Joining a new company can be daunting for a new hire. It can also inundate the HR team with tasks involved with managing the onboarding process across different departments.

The goal of onboarding is to provide new hires with a welcoming experience and to productively introduce them to their new positions, enabling them to hit the ground running. So, how do you ensure that your onboarding process leads to engaged and knowledgeable employees?

That’s where iLE’s AI functional Engines come in.

Introducing the iOnboardingEngine

iLE’s iOnboardingEngine is designed to make the onboarding of new employees a seamless process. It provides personalized and guided learning paths to facilitate onboarding for all of your new hires.

With iLearningEngines, you can ensure that each employee (1) has access to everything they need to get started, and (2) gains a deep understanding of your brand and culture. This includes learning policies and procedures relative to their role and specific learning materials to help them get up to speed faster.

The beginning of a new role does not actually end with onboarding. To upskill your team and ensure that they remain at the top of their game, you’ll need a platform that can facilitate training.


iTrainingEngine makes it possible for your in-house experts to create company-branded learning content. More than just a vehicle to deliver learning, it includes a credit-based learning and engagement system to create powerful career development programs.

The platform’s real-time performance feedback and analytics ensure enhanced tracking and accelerated human capital growth with improved retention rates.

The road to increasing productivity among employees is not a short one. To accommodate this gap, iLearningEngines has created a platform made specifically for employees,


When your employees are equipped with the right information at the right time, productivity increases. From HR policies to job function-related processes, it offers employees timely support in the flow of work.

iEmployeeAssist utilizes workforce automation to eliminate monotonous tasks, resulting in motivated employees who can deliver better service, performance and results. The result of this is a smart HR function that empowers employees to deliver quality and engagement.

It all comes together with iLearningEngines

iLearningEngines offers clients a multifaceted platform that can help you onboard new employees effectively. In addition to the solutions outlined above, iLE offers a comprehensive HR solution that has three key aspects:

  1. It integrates your enterprise systems with a Knowledge Cloud, and, in this case, is integrated with HR and training systems.
  2. It captures event triggers to solve specific gaps.
  3. It closes the gaps through process automation and learning prescriptions dispersed via preferred channels.

The smart way to tackle the common issues related to onboarding lies in technology. Now, you can alleviate excessive documentation, learning systems, complicated training, and a disengaged flow. Furthermore, onboarding is just one of the areas that enterprises focus on from iLearningEngines. The innovative all-in-one solution can ideally deliver what your business needs to operate optimally and scale effectively.