Using Learning Automation and Information Intelligence to Develop Great Managers and Leaders


Using Learning Automation and Information Intelligence to Develop Great Managers and Leaders

Learning automation is often hailed as a key to improved productivity in the workplace, while information intelligence is cited for its ability to improve business with data-informed decision-making. That said, both of these can also help to develop great managers and leaders. 

The past few years have taught us that the way we work has changed and that data is one of the most fundamental assets for a business. With so much at stake, it’s no wonder enterprises want to use the best possible platform to enable these elements.

That’s why iLearningEngines (iLE) is an ideal solution for seamless operations — both internally and externally. When an enterprise is fully equipped with the latest technology, performance improves. This provides managers with a lot of what they need to lead their team on an upward trajectory.

Let’s take a look at learning automation first. This technology captures event triggers and user needs — and then provides learning prescriptions for personalized learning. At iLE, we call this “learning in the flow of work.” With this, learning is enhanced and measured, which is perfect for training and preparing the leaders of tomorrow. 

When executives utilize the iLE platform, they can easily spot and address performance gaps. Your business can set specific processes and keep track of everything in real-time to ensure that the whole team receives standardized learning, which can also remove the possibility of unconscious bias from managers.

Next is information intelligence, which transforms data into intelligence through actionable insights and informed decision-making backed by AI that is embedded at multiple touchpoints. Whether used internally or externally, leadership is able to truly take advantage of these insights and data. In other words, knowledge is, in fact, power.

The reason for this is that leaders drive transformation. With better systems in place, it is easier to create a collaborative environment. With iLearningEngines, you will benefit from improved knowledge resources — such as from the Knowledge Cloud, which is a central repository for your business. Your business will also be able to create custom workflows, so team leaders will be able to delegate tasks accordingly.

With improved knowledge and synergies throughout the business, teams will be empowered and unified. With learning automation and information intelligence, leaders and managers can:

  • Set clear expectations and responsibilities
  • Have seamless access to enterprise IP
  • Provide thorough training throughout the organization
  • Provide employees with encouraging career growth plans
  • Facilitate collaboration between departments
  • Remove the need for micromanagement
  • Spot and deal with issues in the pipeline in real-time

Based on the points outlined above, we can see that learning automation and information intelligence work hand-in-hand to create a powerful engine for your enterprise. By improving operations and data management, your business can prepare managers and leaders with all the tools they need to lead their teams towards greater success.

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