Case Study

Transforming Traditional Education Models With AI




  • College implementing multiple different curricula for over 30 years
  • Focused on holistic graduate and postgraduate education
  • Diverse initiatives catering to the needs of all students


  • 23% increase in average academic scores
  • 20% decrease in weekly effort spent on Q & A
  • 60% decrease in grading/assessment effort


  • Past technology initiatives and processes failed to create personalized learning paths for students
  • Failed “one-size-fits-all” approach left  students with broad learning gaps
  • Unable to demonstrate significant value differentiation and outcome predictability
  • Attrition of top teachers


  • Learning platform serves as reference point for IP value creation and institutionalizes teacher expertise into platform
  • Aggregated in-house and third-party content through structured and unstructured data comprehension
  • Facilitated collaboration between teachers and institution 
  • Automated processes to allow teachers to increase focus on students


  • Content aggregation and collaboration across internal and external channels
  • Personalized and differentiated learning paths tracked by individual and class performance analytics
  • AI / ML-assisted assessments and grading focused on automating repetitive teacher tasks
  • Students able to access the platform in an offline mode


“iLearningEngines helped us rapidly transition to a blended learning model. We have deployed iLE for our different campuses across locations and our teachers love the ease of adoption, virtual and offline modes of learning, student learning progress tools and AI augmentation, which help them deliver better outcomes for students”

Principal, Global Education Provider