Top Five Benefits of Having Content Augmentation in the Workplace


Top Five Benefits of Having Content Augmentation in the Workplace

We live in a data-driven world. With so much content and information within reach at any given time, it is important to have the necessary tools to help disseminate it. Businesses also have the opportunity to improve every aspect of their business by using data effectively. The challenge is that data can quickly become complex and overwhelming. The best way to tackle these issues is with a content augmentation system for your workplace. But what exactly is content augmentation?

Content Augmentation in the Workplace

The iLearningEngines (iLE) platform offers multiple AI tools, including content augmentation. This refers to the automatic management of all types of content. This technology is capable of natural language understanding that can identify intent and context through a process of disambiguation. This works for synthetic data, abstractive summarization, and query generation. The AI also generates question recommendations to augment content and make it more learnable.

In essence, it is about collating content to derive deeper insights. Technology can help automate this process and deliver incisive insights in real-time. There is also a very important step that precedes Content Augmentation: Content Ingestion. 

Top Five Benefits of Content Augmentation 

  1. Reduce the resources utilized for data collection: Content resides in multiple locations within enterprises–from intranets to external portals and digital storage systems. You’ll need a system to ingest all of this content, which can be as simple as pointing iLE’s AI to those sources. By employing this technology, you save on the resources associated with data collection (i.e., time and money). This is an ongoing benefit as you can set a date for the AI to keep updating the knowledge on a weekly and monthly basis to make sure your iLE Knowledge Shelves are always current and relevant.
  1. Multiple types of content augmented on one platform: There are multiple types of content, be it text-based, auditory, web-based, visual, and so on. All types of content can be stored in iLE’s Knowledge Cloud — a single repository of all an enterprise’s data that is readily available and easy to manage as a library of the company’s IP. 
  1. Contextual augmentation: Contextual search is becoming more and more important in the quest to source accurate and relevant content quickly. This helps you to find exactly what you need with internally-defined search words. Augmented content on the iLE platform is enabled for contextualized search, content recommendations, chatbot queries and in-process training. 

The AI scans the content and tags featured keywords to make the content searchable within your vast repository in a matter of seconds. 

  1. Processing at Scale: Using the most advanced technology, iLE is able to ingest mass amounts of data in record time – 1.5 MB in less than a minute. This means the process of ingesting the data, augmenting it and getting validation from the relevant stakeholders on auto-generated queries matching how they would search for data – in just two or three weeks. iLE also makes it possible to have all of this done in the background without affecting the daily workflow.
  1. Highly organized data: With great datasets comes great potential, which is why you’ll need a system that offers easy accessibility as – and when – required. Now, teams can share and collaborate without wasting time on frustrating systems. With iLE, users can have a conversation with the AI as they would with a colleague to request a file. This is made possible by the AI creating queries about the content and anticipating what information users would be looking to extract from each document.

One of the key features of the iLE platform is Knowledge Shelves. This allows for internal and external repository searches and creates your own versions for your team. This keeps all of the content highly organized with information about practices, competitor information, templates and product/domain knowledge readily available.

With all these benefits, it is clear to see that having content augmentation in the workplace can set your business apart. Harness the infinite possibilities available to use by using data intelligently. A key part of this process is the way your content is curated, understood and organized. 

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