Press Release

The Indian Medical Association Recognizes iLearningEngines And Oculis Services’ Innovative, AI-Driven First Responder Program


The Indian Medical Association (IMA), the largest represented organization of doctors of the modern system of medicine in India, recognized iLearningEngines and Oculis Services for their joint venture program focused on first responder training for teens. The objective of the program is to empower students aged 14-18 with the necessary skills to make a significant difference in emergencies. The hybrid model combines AI-supported online modules with personalized in-school training programs.

Instilling Preparedness
Launched in September 2023, the First Responder Program is a comprehensive initiative that not only equips students with the skills and confidence to act swiftly and effectively during emergency situations but also contributes to the creation of a safer and more prepared community. With over 30 schools already registered, the program is a key part of those schools’ extracurricular programs, preparing students to become competent and confident first responders.

Indian Medical Association Acknowledgement
The Indian Medical Association recognized iLearningEngines and Oculis Services for their pioneering efforts in teaching life-saving skills to the youth. The IMA recognizes the significance of empowering students with practical emergency response techniques. Regarding the IMA’s acknowledgment and praise of the First Responder Program, Ratish Nair, AVP of Sales & Business Development of iLearningEngines, stated, “”The collaboration between iLearningEngines and Oculis Services reflects our shared vision of leveraging technology and education for the greater good. We are honored to be recognized by the Indian Medical Association for our joint efforts in empowering the next generation of first responders.””

About iLearningEngines
iLearningEngines is an Applied AI platform for learning and work automation that empowers its enterprise and education for customers to “”productize”” their institutional knowledge, improve efficiency and drive better, mission-critical business outcomes. The company operates at the intersection of three large and growing markets: global artificial intelligence, global e-learning and hyper-automation.

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