Going with the Flow: The Importance of Learning in the Flow of Work in Post- Pandemic Hybrid Work Environments


As businesses emerge from the pandemic – and shift from remote to hybrid working environments, we are seeing significant effects on businesses around the world. For this and other reasons, learning in the flow of work – gaining work-based knowledge seamlessly with full context inside of processes that are already widely used, with minimal interruption – has never been more important than today.

What is iLearningEngines?

iLearningEngines is an AI-powered platform for learning automation and information intelligence. We transform your business’s data into intelligence at an enterprise-wide scale, helping elevate your assets and information so that it works most effectively for you.

iLearningEngines works with a robust and easy-to-access knowledge cloud along with in-process learning capabilities. Intelligence is enabled to deliver insights as needed in real time from one or more repositories. With the investment of over 400,000 hours of development along with proprietary algorithms, the iLearningEngines platform has earned a consistent top ranking on the Deloitte Tech Fast 500 and currently empowers over 4 million end users.

The iLearningEngines platform harnesses intelligence to offer problem- solving services to businesses that drive limitless potential.

Where do workflows fit in?

With LE’s platform, subject matter experts can use the No Code AI Canvas to design workflows that drive learning automation. This not only benefits employees and partners but also clients and potential customers. iLearningEngines enables business-wide automation by designing intelligent workflows. These can be integrated with all of your business’s existing backend systems, reducing the hassle often involved in migrating systems and processes.

The technology at the core of iLearningEngines can pick up on relevant event triggers in an effort to plug performance gaps. This can then be transformed into learning, which is automatically delivered in the flow of work.

Imagine having an AI assistant…

With iLearningEngines, you don’t need to wish you had an AI assistant. These digital assistants are embedded end-to-end at multiple touchpoints for convenience that will not compromise security. These AI assistants also have the ability to pick up on insights and engagement behaviors at a rapid pace. With these assistants, you can:

  • Enhance of operational efficiency
  • Power predictive insights
  • Enable preventative and proactive decision-making
  • Increase ROI
  • Drive growth

Learning in the Flow of Work

Learning automation is one of the core offerings at iLearningEngines. Learning in the flow of work is about training delivered on the job and in the flow of ongoing work processes to create shared team experiences, all while unlocking social learning. It ensures that on-the-job training is efficient, comprehensive, and standardized.

This type of learning is incredibly important for modern-day working environments, especially in cases where hybrid working and learning takes place. The learning can also be blended by combining e-learning with instructor-led online training along with various modes at your disposal, including live conferences and offline modes. With more learning and training, delivered in an efficient and non-disruptive manner, teams will be more productive and achieve better results.

How iLE’s Platform Works

iLE’s platform is very easy to use. Notifications can be configured on both web and mobile devices to easily keep track of assignments and proficiency tests, making the process of learning more engaging and organized. Managers can access a full repository of detailed reports for all their direct (or even indirect) reports throughout the organization, which puts teams in control, with maximum transparency, and ensures that learning goals are aligned and properly set.

The platform also enables personalized learning, which facilitates curated learning journeys. By using AI models in real-time, updates are provided seamlessly, ensuring that relevant knowledge is shared with the right employees. What’s more, your team can promote learning and upskilling without having to take the unwieldy step of creating tests and tasks. Rather, managers can create flexible AI-driven testing with multiple types of questions quickly and efficiently, with seamless AI-lead scoring integrated into the assessments with auto-generated reports.

Organizational learning programs can also be integrated with external systems to facilitate other academic management systems, communications platforms, and content providers to round out the overall learning experience. The content can be augmented using iLE’s Knowledge Shelves, which deliver contextualized, high-quality content from digital libraries and third-party repositories.

Furthermore, the desired learning content can include a variety of multimedia content types, ranging from documents to audio and video, for thorough and immersive course content. The courses can then be co-created as well, utilizing a company’s organizational library with rich sources driven by AI recommendations. iLE’s smart AI tagging also helps organize relevant content to enrich courses.

The Importance of Learning Automation

The overall benefits of the iLearningEngines platform and its learning-in-the-flow-of-work capabilities include:

  • The ability to design business workflows to address enterprise-specific gaps with easy configuration tools and a no-code AI canvas.
  • Expert guidance available 24×7 in real-time to offer problem-solving and expert assistance that can provide needed help and information.
  • Drive business outcomes by powering custom process automation and personalized learning prescriptions embedded in organizational workflows. These outcomes include savings in cost, time and experience to ultimately improve upskilling experiences and accelerate responsiveness.

Empower Your Hybrid Work Environment

To learn more about how you can help your business reach its full potential and thrive with intelligent systems and AI-powered learning automation, visit us at ilearningengines.com.

Join us on this limitless learning and upskilling journey.