Taking Control of Your Business’s IP: The Importance of Securing Your Data Assets in a Knowledge Cloud

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It is imperative that businesses protect their Intellectual Property (IP). By having the appropriate processes and protection in place, your business can own and take control of its data assets. To enable IP protection, iLearningEngines has developed the Knowledge Cloud as a key part of its intelligence platform. Here’s everything you need to know about iLE’s Knowledge and taking ownership of your IP.

IP is at the heart of every business and incredibly important for business growth. This IP, the variety of intangible assets that are essential to your operations, actually requires tangible solutions to maintain security.

IP affects every element of a business. Without protecting it, your business is going to pay a big price. The most common types of IP include copyrights, patents, design registrations and trademarks. Once you have legal ownership of your content and ideas, however, it is important to manage and secure that data effectively. The platform you use needs to be well equipped to help with the protection and monitoring of your IP.

Let’s take a look at some of the challenges businesses with weak processes to secure IP often face:

  • Data security: The risk of losing data due to leaks allowing third parties to access it.
  • Brand protection: Trouble securing your brand assets and its market appeal.
  • Unique Selling Point: Without the ability to make data an asset, it will be a challenge to distinguish your business.

IP needs to be distinguished, organized, and secured. It is also a topic that needs to be discussed with each employee. This is important as this relates to a variety of business operations on a daily basis.

Imagine the ability to enable contextualized search, content recommendations, in-product training, and chatbot queries? These are some of the possibilities with iLearningEngines. Now, you can access all of your content from digital libraries – and even third party repositories.

The iLearningEngines platform is designed to transform data into information intelligence. With this, your business can transform its operations, improve outcomes, and grow at scale.

To achieve this, we specialize in managing Knowledge Assets. The iLearningEngines platform can ingest, process and augment content in any format from internal and external repositories. This enables you to create, own, and rapidly deploy enterprise-wide knowledge IP assets to support your business.

Securing all your data assets in a Knowledge Cloud. This refers to a single repository for all of your owned enterprise data. The Knowledge Cloud is owned and managed by the business, meaning you have direct control of your IP assets.

iLearningEngines offers a complete range of intelligent systems to complement the process of managing data and IP effectively. An example of this is the iSearchEngine, a knowledge repository that provides instant access to contextualized content in all formats. This is sorted and stored in internal and external libraries with an in-depth learning process for enhanced service levels and productivity.

At an enterprise level, this means your employees are empowered with data that can be accessed with ease. This is the result of an AI-enabled Knowledge Shelves that sort content. You’ll be able to search all repositories and create relevant shelves to share with your team. This can include everything ranging from best practices to competitor information, templates and product knowledge.

With AI at the core, the repositories are continually updated and improved over time to provide you with relevant and accurate knowledge that can help you transform the way your business uses data to its advantage. Without an AI solution, it is easy to see how improper processes and protocols can result in security risks for your business. In addition, not having control of your data can result in unnecessary resources being allocated in the form of time and errors. With the right tech in place, you can be more secure, agile, and responsive.

iLearningEngines is the platform that helps organizations manage and own their IP. Talk to us and transform the way your business operates with the powerful combination of automation and AI to drive learning and business performance.