Explore the solutions that help iLearningEngines empower
clients across multiple industries.


The iCustomerEngine delivers enhanced customer experiences through accelerated, accurate and personalized service. It serves as a virtual customer service representative that can address concerns in real-time, with comprehensive information on individual customers and case history. Information and case logs can also be accessed by employees and end customers as needed.

The Results: Higher customer satisfaction that sparks brand loyalty at lower costs.



Updating KYC information can be a time consuming, manual job rife with errors. With iKYCEngine, it can be automated and delivered in record time with high accuracy. iKYCEngine serves as a virtual adviser, helping users fill in details and upload documents. The AI engine then processes the information, and presents it in customizable formats to company employees.

The Results: A reduction in repetitive work that frees employees up to focus on things that matter to your business.


The iSalesEngine drives higher customer conversions at lower cost. It offers in-depth insight on the right channels to approach customers, while finding and improving sub-optimal processes.

The Results: A more powerful conversion funnel that lowers conversion costs.



iEmployeeEngine empowers teams with the right information at the right time to boost productivity. From HR policies to job function related processes, it offers employees timely support in the flow of work. iEmployeeAssist also uses workforce automation to eliminate monotonous administrative tasks, resulting in motivated employees who deliver better service and client engagement.

The Results: A smart HR function that empowers employees to deliver quality and engagement.


iSearchEngine serves as a knowledge repository for the entire organization. It provides instant access to contextualized content in all formats – such as documents, audio and video files – from internal and external libraries. This drives in-process learning with enhanced service levels and productivity.

The Results: Empowered employees who can access relevant knowledge and expertise quickly.



iOnboardingEngine makes new employee induction seamless, providing personalized guided learning paths for faster onboarding. Employees have access to everything from policies and procedures to specific role learning, helping them get up to speed faster.

The Results: Engaged and knowledgeable employees who hit the ground running


With iTrainingEngine, enterprise subject matter experts can create company-branded learning content focused on business functions. Our credit-based learning and engagement system creates powerful career development programs. Real time performance feedback and analytics ensure enhanced retention and measurable results.

The Results: Trackable and accelerated career development and human capital growth.


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