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Silent Heroes Acknowledged: The Indian Medical Association Commends iLearningEngines and Oculis Services Program


Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh) [India], February 9: iLearningEngines, together with Oculis Services, is proud to announce they have received a commendation from the prestigious Indian Medical Association (IMA) for their revolutionary first responder training program for teens. The initiative, which began its pilot phase with the Department of Education Chandigarh in September 2023, has garnered recognition for its commitment to equipping young individuals with life-saving emergency response techniques, CPR, and first aid skills. 

As a joint venture between iLearningEngines and Oculis Services, the hybrid-model program combines online modules with in-school training programs. It aims to empower students aged 14 to 18, equipping them with the essential skills that can make a significant difference in emergencies. 

Collaboration with RJN Apollo Spectra Hospital, Gwalior: 

iLearningEngines and Oculis Services have also collaborated with RJN Apollo Spectra Hospital, Gwalior, as the training partner for the program. This strategic alliance further strengthens the program’s impact on community health and safety. 

Participating Schools and Implementation Partners: 

The program is being implemented in renowned schools such as GD Goenka, Birla Open Minds, Rishi Galav, Bhartiyam Vidya Mandir, Rise International and KCS. The on-ground execution is entrusted to the ISCI Foundation, with advisory support from Avad India. 

Commendation from the Indian Medical Association (IMA): 

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has commended iLearningEngines and Oculis Services for their pioneering efforts in fostering life-saving skills among the youth. The IMA recognizes the significance of empowering students with practical emergency response techniques which ultimately contribute to community well-being. 

“Our collaboration with Oculis Services reflects our shared vision of leveraging technology and education for the greater good. We are honored to be recognized by the Indian Medical Association for our joint efforts in empowering the next generation of first responders.” – Ratish Nair, AVP Sales & Business Development of iLearningEngines 

“We are thrilled to receive an acknowledgement from the Indian Medical Association. This recognition reinforces our commitment to creating a safer and healthier community through innovative education and training.” – Rahul Vats, Director of Oculis Services 

“Being a part of this initiative is a testament to our dedication to community service. We are proud to contribute to the success of the program and its positive impact on young lives.” – Mohit Modi, Founding Member of ISCI Foundation

“Avad India is pleased to provide advisory support to this commendable program. Empowering the youth with life-saving skills aligns with our mission to create a safer and more resilient society.” – Sonali Malhotra, Founder of Avad India 

“The Indian Medical Association recognizes the vital role that iLearningEngines and Oculis Services play in promoting health and safety. The program’s focus on training young individuals in emergency response is commendable and aligns with our commitment to community welfare.” – Dr. Prashant Lahariya, President of IMA Gwalior 

“We are proud to be associated with a program that prioritizes community health and safety. This collaboration allows us to contribute to the development of a generation that is not only academically sound but also equipped with life-saving skills.” – Dr. Priyamvada Bhasin, Head of RJN Apollo Spectra Hospital 

The first responder training for teens program by iLearningEngines and Oculis Services continues to positively impact the community, with the recent commendation from the Indian Medical Association underscoring its significance in promoting health and safety. 


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