Optimizing Insurance Intelligence: How the Best Insurance Companies are Transforming Data


The iLearningEngines platform has the unique benefit of providing proactive loss control services, which is particularly helpful in traditionally underserved and specialty markets targeted by the insurance industry.

Traditional roles of insurers are changing. Insurers are becoming partners in helping their clients understand and mitigate risks effectively in a more proactive manner. In fulfilling this new role and staying up-to-date at an industry-wide level, insurance carriers are turning to technology-based solutions.

For instance, many insurers are partnering with digital service providers to facilitate deeper engagement at scale. This includes on-demand, personalized solutions to satisfy the needs of clients. By increasing engagement, more data streams can be generated for more in-depth insights. With enhanced insights, insurers can improve their services and address emerging trends and opportunities with agility.

With an intuitive platform at the core, insurers can provide tangible services, even in a commoditized market with markets growing increasingly competitive. These services result in a range of benefits, such as:

  • Increases in acquisition and retention rates
  • Reduction in frequency and severity of claims
  • Generating new data assets (i.e., insights derived from data) to support underwriting profitability and strategic decision-making
  • Improvements in the lifetime value of policyholders

With iLearningEngines, you can create a self-feeding system for your insurance company to advance objectives for carriers, support their distribution networks, and help maintain operational safety and profitability for the insured. This system also enables the streamlining of internal operations, which reduces operational expenses with automation. This includes report writing, analysis, and data access and distribution.

This process is also an opportunity to lead by leveraging the highest degree of innovation. The result: fewer resources being used and adaptive technology improving operations at every level. Clients benefit as well, with enhanced experiences though personalisation, efficiency, and automation.

Offering the service of proactive protection is one of the most important consideration factors for policyholders when it comes time to partner with a service provider and retain their membership. When an insurance company leverages iLE’s technology platform, they’re more likely to exceed client expectations. In addition, they are also more likely to successfully develop and offer additional insurance coverage options, achieve satisfaction and price increases, and gain more referrals.

So, how does iLearningEngines achieve this?

With better data and analytics, insurers will also have a better view of their clientele and the risks they face. With this information, they’ll be able to improve their offering, find more opportunities, and react to market trends proactively. It also means you’ll have the benefit of speed and scalability as you continue to develop.

The policyholder experience can be improved with the use of an intelligent digital ecosystem. With increasing competition in the market and the desire for hyper-personalized services and experiences, this is a must for insurance providers. In more and more cases, we’re seeing this becoming the point of differentiation in the market and among new and retained clients.

In essence, iLearningEngines provides the infrastructure needed to better manage and utilize data. As a result, our clients have seen a solution geared towards centralized data collection in real-time, and data structures which saved countless hours and improved the operations internally.

Armed with data intelligence, you can create meaningful engagement with clients. With all of the data inputs, you’ll be able to create advanced workflows that touch on everything from claims to exposures.

Based on the above, it is clear to see that the iLearningEngines platform can help organizations just like yours to expand client engagement, strengthen user experiences and increase the lifetime value of clients.

The digital age waits for no one. Partner with iLearningEngines to take your insurance services to the next level.