Oil & Gas / Marine


Customized HSE Training

An intelligent enterprise platform that drives customized HSE training for the oil and gas sectors — leveraging existing processes and competencies to mitigate risks through organization-specific learning. 


Machine Learning powered
solutions to automate
business processes.


Intelligent learning
automation to empower
HSE training & engagement
using offline and online

Industry challenges

  • Traditional classroom training is time-consuming, expensive and does not cater for individual needs and learning speeds.

  • One-size-fits-all third party content providers tend to produce generic content that doesn’t address individual organizational health and safety needs.

  • Access to in-house training is challenging in offshore environments due to Internet connectivity expenses and speeds.

iLE Process Solutions

  • Aggregate and curate content from subject matter experts, internal libraries and publicly available sources. Our platform ingests a variety of knowledge assets, including video, audio, manuals, and third-party content. The AI can then embed quizzes and assessments into course content to improve engagement and learning.

  • iLearningEngines works even in areas with little or no Internet. Trainers can synchronize to a central iLE cloud for training data, and then disseminate to all offline rigs.

  • Onboard and train employees even before they join. Structure your training plan based on operations, and company-specific procedures. Significantly reduce operational risk and increase compliance.

  • AI/ML technology with Employee Assist guides staff, enhancing engagement and performance. It is highly scalable across the enterprise ecosystem (employee, managers, customers, partners, etc.) The iLE platform is global in scope and reach, supporting multiple languages, business units and facilities across geographies.


iLE Functional Solutions

HSE (Health, Safety & Environment)

  • Implement crew onboarding and training programs

  • Reduce training costs and improve retention with training in the flow of work for optimal job preparedness and an agile workforce

  • Provide employees easy access to information and company policies, which improves employee wellbeing

  • A credit-based system motivates crew members to continuously learn and upgrade their skills


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