More Intelligence, Fewer Questions: How Companies are Plugging Performance Gaps in Real-time with a Comprehensive Information System


Some of the key challenges that many companies face stem from performance gaps. With evolving technology and the deployment of intelligent systems, however, these challenges are quickly becoming quite manageable. A key strategy to helping your team identify and remedy performance gaps starts with leveraging the iLearningEngines platform, complete with a comprehensive information system.

The iLearningEngines (iLE) platform transforms data into intelligence for problem-solving that drives business. However, the platform goes another step further by utilizing information intelligence and insights to predict problems. This is a preventative measure that allows business to lessen threats and maximize opportunities.

So, how does iLE achieve this?

iLE’s 3-step formula to plugging performance gaps
The three key steps are:

1. Tracking and measuring performance
2. Continuous learning and improving prescriptions
3. Predictive and preventive decision-making and remedial action

As outlined, iLE is a comprehensive platform. The more embedded it is in the enterprise, the more data it can collect from multiple touchpoints, which means the data analysis is more robust with deeper insights.

Instead of just using technology to help solve problems, your business can use intelligence to predict future problems for preemptive mitigation and find opportunities to capitalise on for growth and scalability.

More than just having the systems in place, you need to be able to harness it to drive action and mission-based outcomes. This brings us to the next question…

How does iLE use intelligence to solve problems and close gaps?
The next set of 3 steps involves:

Integrating the Knowledge Cloud to Enterprise systems
Capturing event triggers to solve Enterprise specific problems/gaps
Closing these gaps through process automation and learning prescriptions dispersed on the right channel at the right time.

The steps above are applicable to multiple departments within a business, including HR, operations, customer service, and sales. Let’s take a closer look at how the iLE platform closes gaps for HR teams.

iLE integrates with a company’s existing HR functions. The AI can then use event and time triggers to address the gap right at the point of the problem and in the flow of work.
In other words, gaps can be learned and dealt with using process automation and leading prescriptions. What’s great is that this can operate seamlessly using your preferred channels.

Everything is automated and the data is collected and used to continually improve the insights and predicative capabilities of this software. This covers all employee information, from roles and responsibilities to reporting structures, onboarding, and payroll systems.

The iEmployeeEngine
iLearningEngines is a multifaceted platform. One of the engines we offer relates specifically to employees. Essentially, iEmployeeEngine empowers teams with the right information at the right time to boost productivity.

From HR policies to job processes, it offers employees timely support in the flow of work. In addition to this, there is iEmployeeAssist which uses workforce automation to eliminate monotonous administrative tasks. This results in motivated employees who deliver better service and client engagement.

Close the Gaps with iLearningEngines
Are you ready to harness the potential of an intelligent information system? Say goodbye to performance gaps and capitalize on more opportunities with a stronger workforce.

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