Ask iLE Experts

Looking ahead how can tech enable business growth?


We often speak about Tech as a business enabler. As one of the fastest growing Tech companies in North America, what should businesses and enterprises be focusing on?


Broadly in the context of leveraging technology as a business enabler. Some of the priorities, from my perspective, would be one, to consolidate all data assets across the enterprise, helping the business drive, learning automation or what we call learning in the flow of work. This, we believe, is a major enterprise differentiator going forward.

Point number two is creating knowledge clouds to disrupt information dissemination and knowledge consumption, both of which go coupled as one engine into the learning automation framework.

Measurable data, again, from putting in all the right parameters to assess enterprise impact, is also a critical factor that enterprises need to consider. Using A.I. as a machine learning engine to create cross-functional and deep vertical data sets as what most enterprises have lacked. And that is the one that is going to be the most have said that they need to preserve.

Going forward now, fundamentally technology, whatever is being considered, needs to be scalable, sustainable and needs to be able to imbibe by all the enterprise’s business functions and their models. So these, I believe, will be the differentiating strategies that enterprises and businesses need to invest in for that sustainable growth that they’re all aspiring for.