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For Better Patient

An Enterprise Intelligent Platform that drives outcomes at scale for healthcare organizations, enabling better patient outcomes and improving the ability to compete through rapid data-centric decision-making.


Machine Learning
powered solutions to empower
scalable healthcare


Intelligent learning
automation to empower
patient engagement and
staff training.


  • Inability to exploit digital relationships and deliver exceptional outcomes using distance care models.

  • Decreased patient satisfaction rates on account of rise of hands-off pre /post-surgery care and decrease in-ward time.

  • Lack of integrated systems to deliver real-time cost-effective exchange of patient and provider data and workflows impacting quality of care.

  • Increased regulations and demand for transparency have hampered the growth of medical and pharma companies.

  • Deficient long-term support and training plans to upskill staff leading to the decline of healthcare effectiveness.

  • Reliance on manual processes and lack of intelligent systems subverting staff from operating at optimal levels.

iLE Process Solutions

  • iLE virtual assists provide intelligent guidance to customers, helping them make more effective purchasing decisions.

  •  iLE offers customers a unified experience and personalizes their shopping experience via chatbots and a multichannel approach to shopping.

  • iLE helps customers find products through intelligent search options, increasing satisfaction and reducing information overload and time wasted in browsing.

  • iLE AI automates repetitive sales activities, segments customers dynamically and supports customized offerings.

  • Shoppers can access the platform via smartphones, allowing an increased level of personalization.

  • Customer assistance is available in multiple languages.


  • iLE’s data analytics and dashboard provide key insights towards product design, pricing and promotions. 
  • iLE’s machine learning platform makes customized product recommendations based on analysis of past customer behavior.
  • Voice- and text-based AI analyzes customer attitudes towards a particular product or service.

iLE Functional Solutions

  • Automatic data extraction from application documents ensures fewer errors and lowers customer frustration

  • Conversational AI technologies allows faster replies to customer queries

  • iLE bots provide tracking and status updates in real time.

  • Conversational AI technologies allows faster replies to customer queries

  • Customers can be engaged on any device and through any channel for 24/7 support and improved health outcomes

  • Timely, automated and customized content and health tips improve patient engagement.

  • iLE AI creates insights to power customized products that better fit customer coverage needs.

  • Free up employees’ time to focus on meaningful activities, boosting morale and reduce turnover.

  • Seamless integration of business rules into processes ensures compliance, audit trails, and a durable framework for process analysis and improvement.

  • Maximize core insurance administration speed with integrated automation.

  • Manage risk and fraud exposure by automating application processing.

  • Securely and uniformly manage scaling during peak volumes.


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