iLearningEngines Transforms Schools with AI: Elevating Student Success and Empowering Educators


Challenge: As a school owner or leader, you strive towards best outcomes for your students while shouldering the burden of running a successful business in a competitive market.

Educators and students face barriers to achievement due to outdated models and the intensive effort required for grading and student engagement.

Solution: iLearningEngines’ AI-driven Learning Automation platform, seamlessly blends online learning with traditional teaching and expands after-school tutoring. This innovative approach enhances educational content and opens new revenue streams for institutions.

– Blended Learning & AI Support: Matches in-person teaching quality and provides 24/7 assistance, making education accessible anytime, anywhere.
– Efficiency Tools: Streamlines assessments and extends learning beyond the classroom, significantly reducing educator workload and enriching student learning experiences.
– Content Curation: Our Knowledge Cloud facilitates easy management and sharing of educational materials, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Teacher Workload & Student Performance: Achieved a 20% reduction in teacher efforts, a 25% increase in student scores, and 60% decrease in grading and Q&A effort.