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iLearningEngines and Oculis Services unite to drive First Responder Program in schools and launch pilot project in Chandigarh


iLearningEngines and Oculis Services unite to drive First Responder Program in schools and launch pilot project in Chandigarh

Chandigarh [India], November 17: iLearningEngines and Oculis Services are proud to announce a ground-breaking partnership aimed at spreading awareness about the First Responder Program, which has been launched in schools targeting students between the ages of 14 to 18. This innovative program is designed to empower young individuals with life-saving emergency response techniques, CPR and first aid skills that can make a significant difference in emergency situations. They have partnered with Fortis Hospital to deliver crucial on-ground training for students in Chandigarh, India. The experienced medical professionals at Fortis Hospital will ensure that the participants acquire significant real-world experience.

The First Responder Program is a comprehensive initiative designed to equip students with the skills and confidence to act swiftly and effectively during emergency situations. By instilling these critical skills in the next generation, the aim is to create a safer and more prepared community. With over 30 schools already signed up, the program will serve as an essential addition to the local school curriculum, preparing students to become competent and confident first responders.

Regarded as pioneers in educational technology and community well-being, they see this collaborative endeavor as a noteworthy stride towards shaping a better and more secure future. By targeting high school students, the objective is to empower the next generation with skills that can have a lasting impact on their communities.

Cherian Philip, Senior Director Channel Partnership, iLearningEngines, said, “We’re thrilled to launch a multi-city campaign to promote Oculis’ First Responder Training Program. Our team has created an innovative interactive platform for enhanced learning. iLearningEngines leverages cutting-edge AI technology to empower organizations in various sectors. By automating processes, personalizing learning paths, and enhancing student engagement, we bridge the gap between competency and performance. Our partnership with Oculis represents a transformative AI initiative that goes beyond education, focusing on instilling responsibility and preparedness in our youth.”

Rahul Sharma, CEO & Founder, Oculis Services, added, “I am delighted to announce the partnership between Oculis Services and iLearningEngines, which marks a significant step in promoting safety and preparedness in our communities. At Oculis Services, we believe in the transformative power of education. This initiative goes beyond Chandigarh; it is a multi-city expedition advocating for first responder training for high school students across India. With over 30 schools already participating, we are poised to make a substantial impact on our communities.”

Empowering the next generation with life-saving skills, the initiative is forging a way towards a safer and more secure future.

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