iLearningEngines and Oculis Services Earn IMA Praise for Pioneering First Responder Training for Teens in Partnership with Chandigarh Education Department

iLearningEngines, in partnership with Oculis Services, is honored to receive commendation from the Indian Medical Association (IMA) for our innovative First Responder Training Program for teens. This initiative, launched with the Department of Education Chandigarh, is making strides in empowering young individuals with crucial life-saving skills, including CPR and first aid.
Our collaboration with RJN Apollo Spectra Hospital, Gwalior, and implementation across esteemed schools like GD Goenka and Birla Open Minds, amplifies our impact on community health and safety. This recognition from IMA underscores the importance of equipping the next generation with the knowledge and skills to respond to emergencies, contributing to a safer, healthier community.
We’re proud to lead this transformative journey, fostering a culture of preparedness and resilience among the youth. A heartfelt thank you to our partners and supporters for making this vision a reality.