Press Release

iLearning Engines Goes Public with Nasdaq Debut


iLearningEngines, an AI and automation leader, has embarked on a new journey as it goes public following a merger with Arrowroot Acquisition Corp. Now trading on the Nasdaq under the symbol AILE, the company’s CEO expressed optimism, emphasizing that employees should not fear the rise of AI. With a strong product-market fit in the enterprise sector, the firm has cracked significant challenges, allowing for meaningful use of their technology. Closing 2023 with over $420 million in revenue, iLearning Engines is now focusing on expanding its organic growth and complementing it with a strategic M&A approach. Their recent success in acquisitions demonstrates the potential for effective future mergers. As AI continues to be a pivotal aspect of technology, the CEO sees the public offering as an opportunity to cement their company’s importance in the industry and to initiate the next phase of their corporate evolution.