Press Release

iLE and Gallagher Bassett Partnership at RIMS 2023


iLearningEngines was pleased to take part in the recent RIMS 2023 Conference, where over 9,000 attendees were able to enjoy various knowledge sessions, discussions with vendors at many booths, and a thought-provoking keynote address by Josh Linker, discussing five actions or “core mindsets” of every great innovator.

iLE client and partner, Gallagher Bassett (GB), was also present at the conference, and discussed the integration of the iLE insurance system onto the GB Risk Control Portal, a move that will significantly improve the GB client experience. Roger Duffield from iLE was able to speak with Janelle Maciaszezk, Supervisor of Technology and Development at GB, and discussed how iLE’s technology can service the insurance industry.

Janelle stressed the value of iLE’s input, explaining how the claims dashboard helps teams identify the severity and frequency of claims, and what training to deploy to team members. She also spoke about how the iLE platform helps to create cohesion between the various divisions of the Gallagher organization.

The partnership between iLE and Gallagher Bassett holds great significance, and we anticipate ongoing growth and development with both teams.

Learn more – https://ilearningengines.com/insurance/