How an Information Intelligence System Helps Enterprises Cater to Custom Operational Styles


No two enterprises are the same–each has a preferred operational style that works for them. This is influenced by a range of factors, from industry sectors to leadership styles. At iLearningEngines, we know how important custom intelligence systems are for businesses. As platform providers, we cater to each of our client’s needs to ensure that they are able to harness the limitless potential of information intelligence. 

iLearningEngines (iLE) was founded in 2010 and has now expanded to six global offices. We specialize in transforming data into intelligence and have garnered over four million clients across multiple industry verticals. Deloitte has ranked iLE as one of the Top 20 fastest growing companies in North America and on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 for four consecutive years.

As we continue to reach new milestones, we remain true to our purpose of providing Intelligence for the Limitless Enterprise. As such, the tech driving our platform is well-established and can be completely customized for all kinds of enterprises. 

The iLE platform produces deep insights in real-time that are designed to help enterprises to make informed decisions. These insights are powered by AI that is embedded at each touch point in the customer journey to drive business outcomes at scale. This is where the need for customization comes in, as each journey will be different.

Information intelligence can power both predictive and preventive decision-making. To achieve this, organizations need a system that manages data. However, data is typically siloed and not readily available or readable for teams when they need it most. 

So how does iLE achieve this?

The iLE platform works in three steps. It begins by facilitating intelligence. We create a Knowledge Cloud by ingesting content and using AI to create a central repository for all of your enterprise’s IP. Our system can tackle internal and external content across all kinds of formats, which allows for complete customization.

The second step involves custom workflows with seamless integrations to optimize processes and learning automation to accomplish mission-critical outcomes. This propels your enterprise’s system with ease as it uses a responsive no-code AI Canvas.

Finally, the transformational power of intelligence can be realized. iLE delivers enterprise-wide transformation using real-time information intelligence that delivers invaluable deep insights which are easily accessible and readable with custom reporting.

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Turning your enterprise’s data into intelligence has a number of benefits. These include:

  • Intelligent automation: By using data intelligence, companies can automate repetitive tasks  which results in increased productivity and cost savings.
  • Risk management: By analyzing data, companies can identify potential risks promptly and mitigate them.
  • Predictive modeling: Data intelligence can help companies make accurate predictions and optimize operations. 
  • Enhancing and developing operations: Through data analysis, enterprises can identify a wealth of new opportunities.
  • Improving customer experience and retention: By using data intelligence, Enterprises can create highly personalized and relevant experiences both internally and externally, resulting in greater satisfaction and retention among employees and customers. 

In a world of information overload and ever-evolving smart tech, can your enterprise afford to be under-utilizing its knowledge and data?

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