Case Study

Discover how iLE’s AI-enabled platform helped empower a Day Care in relation to its processes

Blog: how iLE’s AI-enabled platform helped Day Care Centre management with process



A leading Day Care Centre management services company with over 20,000 centres across the United States. Approached iLE to tackle their challenges with Commercial insurance operational efficiency, as this key area had maximum impact on their profits.


  • Empowered our client to create centres of excellence and benchmarks in the industry
  • Lost operation time on risk issues reduced by 60%
  • Reduced risk & insurance liability
  • Optimized processes, decreased costs and enhanced productivity


  • Scattered and manual compliance processes with risk and liability being reactive and based on mandatory audits and claims filed.
  • As their business involved multiple stakeholders, a few of them sensitive in nature(children), their exposure to risk on multiple fronts was alarming and growing significantly.


  • Integrated with their enterprise systems and consolidated data from all centres and across functions onto a single repository on our platform where we could capture risk and liability triggers to drive actionable insights in real time
  • Set up time and event based triggers to identify process gaps across critical business functions
  • Built a dynamic risk profile for each centre as the first step to automate “learning in the flow of work”


The platform identified varied issues in key areas including child protection, health and safety, maintenance, certifications etc. Our AI then scoured through their enterprise data and provided immediate feedback and corrective measures to address these. On all claims logged, our AI identified what happened, where and who was involved and narrowed it down to the gap. Then the AI proceeded to connect the claim to the suboptimal process and rolled out a learning prescription to the specific persons involved. From claim frequency, historical record comparisons, centre specific liability areas – critical information was collected, analyzed and used to build risk profiles. These then served to create benchmarks and a clear road map and custom journeys for every centre to follow and achieve industry excellence.


iLE helped us raise the standard on health and safety and achieve an operational efficiency across our centres that not only has been recognised as an industry benchmark but has also served to motivate our employees to see value in processes and has also been lauded by our clients.

General Manager

Award-winning Day Care Centre