Press Release

Delving into the Future of AI and Business Innovation: Join CEOs of iLearningEngines, Arrowroot in Fireside Chat

We had the privilege of attending a fireside chat with two distinguished leaders in the tech industry. Harish Chidambaran, CEO of iLearningEngines, and Matthew Safaii, CEO of Arrowroot Acquisition Corp, shared their profound insights and strategic visions. Their discussion covered the advancements in AI technology by iLearningEngines, and how their proposed business combination with Arrowroot could pave the way for a new era in enterprise growth.

This session was not just about the current achievements in AI but also a glimpse into the transformative future of enterprise learning and automation. The journey of iLearningEngines towards the public markets and their partnership with Vedhik eSchools highlights the immense potential and application of AI across various sectors.