Case Study

Assisting a mature Non-Profit Company with a single digital training platform

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Blog: how iLE assisted a mature Non-Profit Company

Here’s how iLE assisted a mature Non-Profit Company with 4,500 full-time and part-time staff with a single digital training platform supporting multiple training systems.


  • Mature non-profit with 4500 full-time and part-time staff
  • 30+ Locations
  • Multiple training systems for different purposes (online, classroom, video)


  • Multiple training system led too high administrative burden and costs
  • Site specific needs led to admin oversight and redundancies in training compliance
  • High volume seasonal staff with differing compliance requirements and administrative involvement


  • Provide single digital training platform to allow for online training, classroom training management and documentation, and video library
  • Match organizational structure to allow for site and role specific training set-ups
  • Self-registration and pre-defined training curriculums to allow for new hires to self-manage onboarding compliance process


  • Global and localized admin capabilities to empower department and site-specific managers
  • Auto-assignment of training modules based on employee role or profile
  • Automated training reminders


  • 25% reduction in administrative ‘busy work’
  • 40% increase in training completions across enterprise
  • $20,000+ in system savings through consolidation
  • 100% digitized compliance records for posterity