iLE AI accelerates, augments and automates conversations,
processes and decisions. 


AI Canvas

The iLE AI Canvas creates individualized user journeys and granular personalization, while defining advanced AI-led models in real time.

AI Recommendation Engine

AI curation and augmentation helps faster, intelligent course creation.

AI Expert Assist

A powerful AI Assist platform combines in-process learning and industry use-cases to provide expert support and help on demand.  

AI Automation Engine

Cognitive-based adaptive testing, assisted grading, and process and task automation delivers real learning benefits.

AI Enterprise Search

An easy AI bolt-on to enterprise content repositories enables powerful index searching for contextual and relevant learning.

Enterprise Integration

An easy to implement AI canvas delivers multi-tenancy and robust scalability, integrating easily with enterprise backend systems.

iLE 360 - Outcome Score Card

A 360-degree view of results for enterprises, with a management dashboard and scores for learners and trainers.

AI Insights

Identification of learning gaps and success markers through engagement signatures.

Conversational AI

Semantic understanding powered by AI and NLP models capable of handling both structured and unstructured data.

Flexible Deployment

On-premises or in the cloud deployment offers easy configuration.

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