Case Study

Using AI Driven Learning Automation to Improve Patient Engagement and Achieve Better Health Outcomes

Blog: AI Driven Learning Automation to Improve Patient Engagement



Third party administrator serving the needs of all stakeholders in health insurance, including patients, medical providers, and insurers.Goal to ensure that better healthcare outcomes are achieved within the parameters of optimized healthcare costs.


  • 15% increase in renewal rates
  • 5% decrease in premium rates
  • Reduced patient population risk
  • 30% improvement in customer satisfaction


  • No single platform that could aggregate and analyze health risk-related data to understand the health behaviours of its members and build strategic plans based on this data
  • Low and siloed customer engagement
  • Minimal wellness initiatives provided to its disconnected and dissatisfied client base
  • Service levels became stagnant with increasing premiums


  • Implemented a patient education and engagement platform to understand the health behaviours of members at the individual and demographic level
  • Delivered SME expertise digitization to help drive patient engagement
  • Deployed patient education content to support disease management programs and help reduce patient risk


  • Multi-channel patient engagement solution deployed on web and mobile devices
  • Client was able to use iLE’s patient education content to enhance disease management programs
  • Integrated AI technology empowered patients to quickly gain visibility into and clarity regarding policy related information
  • Client was able to identify risk areas with respect to health compliance and take precautionary health outreach measures


“The platform resulted in an intuitive program for both our team and our members.The ability to extract huge amounts of data was paramount to accomplish our goals in a time efficient manner

Executive Director

Health Insurance Administrator – USA